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Thundergun, thunder gun may refer to:

Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies is a division of Ingersoll Rand, plc. The division manufactures products including air compressors, compressed air treatment and control equipment, turn-key compressed air systems, consumer and commercial tools, pumps and fluid handling systems and material handling and lifting equipment.

<i>Call of Duty: Black Ops</i> 2010 first-person shooter video game

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It was released worldwide on November 9, 2010 for Microsoft Windows, the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii, with a separate version for Nintendo DS developed by n-Space. Aspyr later released the game for OS X on September 27, 2012. It is the seventh title in the Call of Duty series and the third to be developed by Treyarch. It serves as the sequel to Call of Duty: World at War.

Isle of Swords novel by Wayne Thomas Batson

Isle of Swords is a pirate novel for young adults by Wayne Thomas Batson, also author of The Door Within Trilogy. First published in 2007, it tells of sailors, pirates, and a mysterious group of monks all working to get a great treasure, the treasure of Constantine. A sequel, Isle of Fire, was published in 2008.

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<i>Days of Thunder</i> 1990 film by Tony Scott

Days of Thunder is a 1990 American sports action drama film released by Paramount Pictures, produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Tony Scott. The cast includes Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall, Randy Quaid, Cary Elwes, Caroline Williams, and Michael Rooker. The film also features appearances by real life NASCAR racers, such as Rusty Wallace, Neil Bonnett, and Harry Gant. Commentator Dr. Jerry Punch, of ESPN, has a cameo appearance, as does co-producer Don Simpson.

Johnny Thunder fictional character

Johnny Thunder is the name of three fictional characters in comics published by DC Comics. A fourth character has the variant name Jonni Thunder. The first, second, third and fourth characters are superheroes.

Two-Gun Kid

The Two-Gun Kid is the name of two Western fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The first, Clay Harder, was introduced in a 1948 comic from Marvel predecessor Timely Comics. The second, Matt Hawk a.k.a. Matthew J. Hawkins, was introduced in 1962 and has continued into the 2010s. The latter Kid is better known, thanks primarily to his connection with, and later full integration into, Marvel Comics' shared continuity, known as the Marvel Universe, but the Clay Harder Kid enjoyed a 14-year span in comics.

Bersa Thunder 380 semi-automatic pistol

The Thunder 380 is a lightweight, relatively small semi-automatic pistol series chambered in the popular .380 ACP caliber made by Argentine firearms manufacturer Bersa, S.A.

HMS <i>Thunderer</i> (1872)

HMS Thunderer was one of two Devastation-class ironclad turret ships built for the Royal Navy in the 1870s. She suffered two serious accidents before the decade was out and gained a reputation as an unlucky ship for several years afterward. The ship was assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet in 1878 and was reduced to reserve in 1881 before being recommissioned in 1885. Thunderer returned home in 1887 and was again placed in reserve. She rejoined the Mediterranean Fleet in 1891, but was forced to return to the UK by boiler problems the following year. The ship became a coast guard ship in Wales in 1895 and was again placed in reserve in 1900. Thunderer was taken out of service in 1907 and sold for scrap in 1909.

HMS Thunder Child is a fictional ironclad torpedo ram of the Royal Navy, destroyed by Martian fighting-machines in H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds whilst protecting a refugee rescue fleet of civilian vessels.

<i>Tropic Thunder</i> 2008 film directed by Ben Stiller

Tropic Thunder is a 2008 action comedy film directed by Ben Stiller. It stars Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Jay Baruchel, and Brandon T. Jackson as a group of prima donna actors who are making a Vietnam War film. When their frustrated director drops them in the middle of a jungle, they are forced to rely on their acting skills to survive the real action and danger. The screenplay by Justin Theroux, Stiller, and Etan Cohen was from a story by Stiller and Theroux. The film was produced by Stuart Cornfeld, Stiller, and Eric McLeod for Red Hour Productions and DreamWorks Pictures as an international co-production between the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

<i>Kissology Volume Three: 1992–2000</i> 2007 video by Kiss

Kissology Volume Three: 1992–2000 is a DVD/Home Video released by Kiss and VH1 Classic Records. It was issued on December 18, 2007. Kissology Volume Three is the third installment of the Kiss archival video series. The set covers the band's 1990s career on three discs, with a special fourth disc included that contains the earliest known performance footage of Kiss, filmed on December 22, 1973. The set also features four separate bonus discs sold only within initial first pressings. It was certified eight times platinum by the RIAA.

Thunder (CeCe Beck) fictional character

Thunder is a fictional character, a comic book superheroine created by Jerry Ordway & Mike Manley and appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. An associate of the Marvel Family of superheroes, Thunder, is a far-future recipient of the power of Shazam. Her first appearance was the first The Power of Shazam! Annual #1 (1996).

Thunder is a character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and animated series. He is the G.I. Joe team's self-propelled gun artilleryman and debuted in 1984.

<i>Gods of Thunder: A Norwegian Tribute to Kiss</i> 2005 compilation album by Various Artists

Gods of Thunder: A Norwegian Tribute to Kiss is a Norwegian compilation album by various artists. The album is a tribute to the American hard rock band Kiss.

Thrasher (G.I. Joe)

Thrasher is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and animated series. He is affiliated with Cobra as the Dreadnoks' Thunder Machine driver and debuted in 1986.

Days of Thunder is a stock car racing video game produced by Paramount Digital Entertainment and developed by Piranha Games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was released February 22, 2011 on the PlayStation 3 and February 25, 2011 on the Xbox 360. A portable version was developed by Freeverse was initially released for iOS on February 5, 2009. It was later ported to the PlayStation Portable on June 1, 2011. It is a spinoff of the 1990 film Days of Thunder in which the player is a rookie driver coached by Rowdy Burns, the antagonist from the film. The game received very little reception from critics; those that did review the game had generally negative commentary. Reviewers felt that the cars handled unrealistically, but one reviewer noted that some issues could be fixed with a patch.

The Thunder Machine is a fictional, four wheeled, armored, weaponized vehicle used by the Dreadnoks, a biker gang/mercenary group in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic books and cartoon series. The Dreadnoks work for Cobra, the primary enemy for G.I. Joe.

Colt M1877

The Colt M1877 was a double-action revolver manufactured by Colt's Patent Fire Arms from January 1877 to 1909 for a total of 166,849 revolvers. The Model 1877 was offered in three calibers, which lent them three unofficial names: the "Lightning", the "Thunderer", and the "Rainmaker". The principal difference between the models was the cartridge in which they were chambered: the "Lightning" being chambered in .38 Long Colt; the "Thunderer" in .41 Colt. Both models had a six-round ammunition capacity. An earlier model in .32 Colt known as the "Rainmaker" was offered in 1877.

ThunderCats is an American media franchise, featuring a fictional group of catlike humanoid aliens. The characters were created by Tobin "Ted" Wolf and originally featured in an animated television series named ThunderCats, running from 1985 to 1989, which was animated by Japanese studio Pacific Animation Corporation, and co produced by Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment.

The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour

The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour was a concert tour by American rock band Kiss. Def Leppard joined Kiss for the first 42 shows of the tour. Kobra and the Lotus and The Dead Daisies were the opening acts.

Action of 17 July 1761

The Action of 17 July 1761 was a naval engagement fought off the Spanish port of Cádiz between a British Royal Navy squadron and a smaller French Navy squadron during the Seven Years' War. British fleets had achieved dominance in European waters over the French following heavy defeats of French fleets in 1759. To maintain this control, British battle squadrons were stationed off French ports, as well as ports in neutral but French-supporting Spain which sheltered French warships. In 1761, two French ships, the 64-gun ship of the line Achille and 32-gun frigate Bouffone were blockaded in the principal Spanish naval base of Cádiz, on the Southern Atlantic coast of Spain.

HMCS <i>Thunder</i> (J156) 1941 minesweeper

HMCS Thunder was a Bangor-class minesweeper constructed for the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. The minesweeper entered service in 1941 and took part in the Battle of the Atlantic and the invasion of Normandy. Following the war Thunder was sold for scrap and broken up.

Thunderbolt (DC Comics)

The Thunderbolt is both the name of a fictional character appearing in comics published by DC Comics and the name of other fictional genies within the 5th dimension. The primary Thunderbolt is Yz, originally portrayed as a genie-like character who hosts Johnny Thunder and Jakeem Thunder and appeared as an original member of the Justice Society of America.