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Leiyu (雷雨 "Thunderstorm") is a 2001 Chinese-language western-style opera by Hangzhou-born composer Mo Fan based on Thunderstorm by Cao Yu. [1] True to the setting of the play Mo Fan introduced 1930s Shanghai salon tunes into the opera.

Mo Fan is a Chinese composer. During the Cultural Revolution he was sent to Heilongjiang, where he taught himself composition. In 1979 he entered Shanghai Conservatory.

Thunderstorm is a play by the Chinese dramatist Cao Yu. It is one of the most popular Chinese dramatic works of the period prior to the Japanese invasion of China in 1937.

The opera was commissioned by the Shanghai Opera House company, [2] and was presented in concert in 2001 and full dress form in 2006. The opera was taken by the Shanghai company among four of its productions to present in the inaugural 2008-2009 season of Beijing's CHNCPA, or "Big Egg" on Tiananmen Square East. [3]

Shanghai Opera House

Shanghai Opera House is the official government-funded western-style opera company of Shanghai, China, and the resident opera company at the new Shanghai Grand Theatre. Although the term "Opera House" is often applied to the building, both in English and Chinese texts, officially the building is not an opera house and the term "Shanghai Opera House" properly applies only to the performing company, not the building, as is also true for its senior sister company, the China National Opera House (CNOH) in Beijing. The reason for the distinction is found in that the Chinese character Yuan (院) applies primarily to a school or institute or dramatic troupe rather than the building in which a school, institute or dramatic company resides.

National Centre for the Performing Arts (China) opera house in Beijing, China

The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), and colloquially described as The Giant Egg (巨蛋), is an arts centre containing an opera house in Beijing, People's Republic of China. The Centre, an ellipsoid dome of titanium and glass surrounded by an artificial lake, seats 5,452 people in three halls and is almost 12,000 m² in size. It was designed by French architect Paul Andreu. Construction started in December 2001 and the inaugural concert was held in December 2007.

Tiananmen Square Public square in Beijing, China

Tiananmen Square or Tian'anmen Square is a city square in the centre of Beijing, China, named after the Tiananmen located to its north, separating it from the Forbidden City. The square contains the Monument to the People's Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China, and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China in the square on October 1, 1949; the anniversary of this event is still observed there. Tiananmen Square is within the top ten largest city squares in the world. It has great cultural significance as it was the site of several important events in Chinese history.

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Shanghai Grand Theatre opera house and concert hall in Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Grand Theatre is one of the largest and best-equipped automatic stages in the world. Since the theatre opened on August 27, 1998, it has staged over 6,000 performances of operas, musicals, ballets, symphonies, chamber music concerts, spoken dramas and various Chinese operas. The site is located at the intersection of Central Boulevard and Huangpi Road South in the northern part of the People's Square in Huangpu District, Shanghai. It is the home of the Shanghai Opera House Company; however, the title "Shanghai Opera House" officially applies to only the performing company and not to the building. The Shanghai Grand Theatre is also the resident for other performing companies.

Cao Yu Chinese writer

Cao Yu was a Chinese playwright, often regarded as China's most important of the 20th century. His best-known works are Thunderstorm (1933), Sunrise (1936) and Peking Man (1940). It is largely through the efforts of Cao Yu that the modern Chinese "spoken theater" took root in 20th-century Chinese literature.

<i>Dizi</i> (instrument) musical instrument

The dizi, is a Chinese transverse flute. It is also sometimes known as the di (笛) or héngdi (橫笛), and has varieties including the qǔdi (曲笛) and bāngdi (梆笛).

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

The Shanghai Conservatory of Music was founded on November 27, 1927 as the first music institution of higher education in China. Its teachers and students have won awards at home and abroad, thus earning the conservatory the name "the cradle of musicians."

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A thunderstorm is a storm characterized by the presence of thunder and lightning.

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Oriental Art Center performing arts and cultural facilities in Shanghai

The Shanghai Oriental Art Center, abbreviated SHOAC, is one of the leading performance and cultural facilities in Shanghai. The five interconnected hemispherical halls or "petals" are shaped to resemble a butterfly orchid from above. They comprise the Entrance Hall, the Concert Hall, the Opera Hall, the Performance Hall, and the Exhibition Hall. The high-tech ceiling changes color during the night to reflect the nature of the performances inside. Located off Century Avenue in Pudong, the SHOAC was opened with a New Year's Eve concert in 2004 and officially opened on July 1, 2005.

John Musto is an American composer and pianist. As a composer, he is active in opera, orchestral and chamber music, song, vocal ensemble, and solo piano works. As a pianist, he performs frequently as a soloist, alone and with orchestra, as a chamber musician, and with singers.

IHOS Music Theatre and Opera is a Tasmanian opera company was established in Hobart in 1990, by composer and artistic director Constantine Koukias, and production director Werner Ihlenfeld to create original music-theatre and opera works.

Denis Gougeon Canadian composer

Denis Gougeon is a Canadian composer and music educator. His more than 80 compositions encompass a wide variety of genres, including orchestral works, chamber music, opera, ballet, and pieces for solo instruments and voice. Notable ensembles to have included his compositions in their performance repertoire include the Bavarian State Ballet, the Canadian Opera Company, the I Musici de Montréal Chamber Orchestra, Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, New Music America, the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, the Quebec Contemporary Music Society, and the Vancouver New Music Society.

The Hong Kong Sinfonietta is a professional symphony orchestra based in Hong Kong. It was established in 1990 by a group of local music graduates. It has always aimed at promoting classical music to the public. The orchestra was reorganized 1999, with Tsung Yeh, an American conductor of Chinese descent, as the new music director. The incumbent conductor and music director, Wing-sie Yip (葉詠詩), joined the Hong Kong Sinfonietta in April 2002, and since then, the orchestra has widened its range of repertoire, hoping to increase the spectrum of classical music admirers. It is financially supported by the HKSAR government. The Hong Kong Sinfonietta has been invited to several other countries for tours, including the Saint-Riquier Festival in 2001, both the Saint-Riquier Festival and Les Flâneries Musicales d’Été de Reims in 2004, La Folle Journée in Tokyo in 2007, 2009, and 2010, and a tour of South America in 2010. It also participates in local arts festivals such as the Hong Kong Arts Festival. The Hong Kong Sinfonietta currently uses the Hong Kong City Hall as its performance venue.

Chinese contemporary classical opera is a musical art form drawing on western opera traditions - distinct from modern developments of traditional Chinese opera.

The China National Opera House (CNOH) or China Central Opera (中央歌剧院) is a State-run opera company based in Beijing, China, and under the Chinese Ministry of Culture. CNOH consists of an opera troupe, a choir, a symphony orchestra and a stagecraft, costume and scenery departments. It is affiliated, through common direction under the Ministry of Culture, with the Shanghai Opera House company and other geju companies around China.

Beijing Music Festival

The Beijing Music Festival (BMF) is an annual music festival held in Beijing, China which has become one of the most well-known musical events in the world, drawing international attention. The festival presents about 30 concerts in October every year offering a wide variety of classical and jazz music including opera, orchestral, chamber, solo, and choral concerts. BMF also gives prominence to music education and community engagement offering free children's concerts and students' concerts, as well as master classes which draw about 6,000 music students, teachers, and spectators. It prides itself in presenting both Western and Chinese music alike.

Yang Jing (musician) Composer, Pipa soloist

Yang Jing is a composer and Pipa soloist. She works in Switzerland since 2000.

Xu Yulan was a Yue opera singer-actress who plays Sheng roles.


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