Thur waterfalls

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Thur waterfalls
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Thur above waterfalls
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Location Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Coordinates 47°12′8.32″N9°18′42.38″E / 47.2023111°N 9.3117722°E / 47.2023111; 9.3117722 Coordinates: 47°12′8.32″N9°18′42.38″E / 47.2023111°N 9.3117722°E / 47.2023111; 9.3117722
Number of drops2
Watercourse Thur

The Thur waterfalls are two cascades located on the river Thur approximately ten minutes walking from the village square of Unterwasser in the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland, The water cascades down from steep rock faces, and on highest point drops from 23 metres (75 ft). [1] The road along the waterfalls was developed in 1927 and includes three observation decks.

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The Seerenbach Falls are a cascading set of three waterfalls near Betlis of the Amden municipality near the Walensee, Switzerland. The upper cascade has a height of 50m, the middle one of 305m, and the lower one of 190m, for a total of 585m.


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