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Coordinates: 10°12′04″N76°25′26″E / 10.201°N 76.424°E / 10.201; 76.424 Coordinates: 10°12′04″N76°25′26″E / 10.201°N 76.424°E / 10.201; 76.424
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Ernakulam
  Total12.13 km2 (4.68 sq mi)
  Density1,400/km2 (3,700/sq mi)
  Density1,419/km2 (3,680/sq mi)
  Official Malayalam
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0484
Vehicle registration KL-63
St.Mary's School St Marys Lower Primary School Thuravoor.JPG
St.Mary's School
St.Augustine School Mar Augustines High School Thuravoor Entrance.JPG
St.Augustine School
Panchayath Office Thuravoor Primary Health Center Gate.JPG
Panchayath Office
Thuravoor Junction Thuravoor Main Junction.JPG
Thuravoor Junction

Thuravoor is a Grama Panchayath in Aluva Taluk of Ernakulam District in the South Indian state of Kerala. [1] Thuravoor Grama Panchayath is nearly 5 km from Angamaly Town. The Panchayat covers 12.13 km2 in area. The borders of this panchayat are Mookkannoor and Manjapra Panchayat in the north, Manjapra, Malayattoor-Neeleeswaram Panchayat in the East. Kalady panchayat and Angamaly Municipality in the south, and Karukutty and Mookkannoor Panchayat on the west.


The first President of Thuravoor Panchayat was P.O. Jose. Nearest Railway station is Angamaly. Cochin International Airport is situated 8 km from Thuravoor. Angamaly-Manjapra Road and Kalady-Mookkannoor Road are the major roads passing through the panchayat.

Thuravoor has a Panchayat office, primary health center, Krishi Bahavan and electricity office.


The name Thuravoor is derived from "the oor of thuras", meaning "the land of small lakes". In ancient times people abandoned the area due to contagious diseases or natural disasters. The place remained as a forest for a long time. In 1930, people found large stone steps at Cheenam Chira along with large mud jars from various parts of Thuravoor to support this historical fact. The main temple of Thuravoor, Kuamarakulam temple, is nearly 1000 years old. St Augustine's UP School was opened in 1921. Mar Augustine High School was established in 1982. The first bus service through Thuravoor panchayat was started in 1953. The areas under Thuravoor Grama Panchayat include Udhupin Kavala, Thalakotaparambu, Vathakad, Kidangoor and areas of Yoodhapuram.


Major agricultural products include Rice, Rubber, Coconut,Banana and Nutmeg.


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Currently Thuravoor Panchayath is ruled by LDF party.

President : K.Y VARGHESE

Vice President :SILVI BAIJU

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