Thure Sjöstedt

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Thure Sjöstedt
Thure Sjostedt 1928b.jpg
Sjöstedt at the 1928 Olympics
Personal information
Full nameTure Sigvard Sjöstedt
Born28 August 1903
Yngsjö, Sweden
Died2 May 1956 (aged 52)
Malmö, Sweden
ClubBK Kärnan, Limhamn, Malmö

Ture Sigvard "Thure" Sjöstedt (28 August 1903 – 2 May 1956) was a Swedish wrestler. In freestyle wrestling, he won a gold and a silver medal in the 1928 and 1932 Olympics, respectively, as well as a European title in 1934. He finished second at the 1927 European Championships in Greco-Roman wrestling. [1]

In the mid-1930s Sjöstedt turned professional and toured the United States with teammate Johan Richthoff. He later developed alcoholism problems and was eventually found dead in his garden cottage. [1] [2]

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The men's freestyle light heavyweight competition at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles took place from 1 August to 3 August at the Grand Olympic Auditorium. Nations were limited to one competitor. This weight class was limited to wrestlers weighing up to 87kg.