Thursday Theatre

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Thursday Theatre
Genre Drama, Anthology, television plays
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
Original release
Network BBC 2
ReleaseOctober 8, 1964 (1964-10-08) 
March 18, 1965 (1965-03-18)

Thursday Theatre is a UK television anthology series produced by and airing on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) from 1964–1965. There were twenty-three episodes which included adaptations of the play, The Cocktail Party , by T. S. Eliot, and the novel, The Wings of the Dove , by Henry James. The productions ranged in duration from 75 to 95 minutes.


Guest stars included John Hurt, Susannah York, Ralph Richardson, Patrick Macnee, Ron Moody and Margaret Whiting.


This table is based on records in the BBC Genome archive of the Radio Times [1] and the BFI database. [2] Links to the original works from which the productions were adapted are provided in the Notes column, where available. The 13 productions missing from (or incomplete in) the archives are noted according to the TV Brain database. [3]

Original UK
transmission date
8 Oct 1964Captain Carvallo Denis Cannan Cedric Messina Charles Jarrott Patrick MacNee
Ron Moody
Barbara Jefford
Laurence Hardy
Ronald Lacey
Jo Rowbottom
Hugh Paddick
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times. Missing.
15 Oct 1964The Cure for Love Walter Greenwood John Gorrie June Barry
Terence Edmond
Marjorie Rhodes
Joan Hickson
Norman Bird
Daphne Heard
Helen Fraser
Graham Rigby
Adapted from the play. Billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times only for the repeat on 21 Jan 1965. Missing.
22 Oct 1964Any Other BusinessGeorge Ross and Campbell Singer John Warrington Maurice Denham
George Baker
John Bentley
Jean Anderson
John Sharp
Basil Sydney
Michael Collins
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times.
29 Oct 1964 The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Ray Lawler Mary Ridge Sheila Hancock
Madge Ryan
Grant Taylor
Ewen Solon
Lyn Ashley
George Roubicek
Anthony Coburn
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times (where it was titled in error as Summer of the Seventh Doll).
5 Nov 1964Write Me a Murder Frederick Knott Alan Gibson David Buck
Elizabeth MacLennan
James Villiers
Noel Hood
T. P. McKenna
Raymond Ross
Royston Tickner
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times. Missing.
12 Nov 1964The Same Sky Yvonne Mitchell George R. Foa Barry Foster
George Pravda
Hana Maria Pravda
Sandra Carom
Alan Baulch
David Cole
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times. Missing.
19 Nov 1964Simon and Laura Alan Melville Christopher Morahan Moira Lister
Ian Carmichael
Richard Briers
Henry McGee
Charles Lloyd-Pack
Molly Urquhart
Penny Morrell
Philo Hauser
Reg Lever
Bruce Wightman
David Jackson
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times. Repeated under Theatre 625 , 6 March 1966.
26 Nov 1964The Cocktail Party T. S. Eliot Naomi Capon James Donald
Michael Bryant
Virginia Maskell
Daphne Slater
Nora Swinburne
Robert Eddison
Philip Locke
Hilary Sesta
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times.
3 Dec 1964Murder Mistaken Janet Green Mary Ridge Pamela Brown
Julian Glover
Philip Latham
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times. Missing.
10 Dec 1964A Day by the Sea N.C. Hunter John Gorrie Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies
Robert Flemyng
Rachel Gurney
Felix Aylmer
Laurence Hardy
Cyril Raymond
Peter Collingwood
Elizabeth Benzimra
Gerald Rowland
Gene Anderson
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times. Repeated 2 Sep 1965. Missing.
17 Dec 1964Point of Departure Jean Anouilh , translated by Kitty Black Donald McWhinnie Derek Godfrey
Jack MacGowran
Frances Cuka
John Hurt
Carmel McSharry
Erik Chitty
Jonathan Burn
Tina Packer
Jimmy Gardner
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times.
24 Dec 1964The Young ElizabethJennette Dowling and Francis Letton Charles Jarrott Valerie Gearon
Katharine Blake
Gwen Cherrell
Scott Forbes
Cyril Luckham
Michael Lynch
Michael Allaby
Adapted from the play. Not billed under Thursday Theatre in the Radio Times.
31 Dec 1964When we are Married J.B. Priestley Vivian A. Daniels Gwendolyn Watts
Gilbert Wynne
Marjorie Rhodes
Sian Davies
John Sharp
Avis Bunnage
Newton Blick
Noel Dyson
Glenn Melvyn
Mary Quinn
George A. Cooper
Clare Kelly
Robert James
Adapted from the play. Incomplete (only the final reel survives).
7 Jan 1965Flowering Cherry Robert Bolt John Chaft Bernard Lee
Margaret Tyzack
John Paul
Adapted from the play. Repeated 9 Sep 1965.
14 Jan 1965The Wings of the Dove Henry James , adapted by Christopher Taylor Bernard Hepton Rudolph Cartier Susannah York
Wendy Craig
Edmund Purdom
Lana Morris
Frederick Jaeger
Joyce Carey
Adapted from the novel. Missing.
28 Jan 1965Photo Finish Peter Ustinov Naomi Capon Paul Rogers
Robert Brown
James Maxwell
Simon Prebble
Peter Ashmore
Barbara Couper
Daphne Slater
Meg Wynn Owen
Alice Montego
Priscilla Morgan
Michael Bates
Adapted from the play. Repeated on BBC1 under The Wednesday Play , 21 September 1966. Missing.
4 Feb 1965Johnson Over Jordan J.B. Priestley , adapted by David LyonsLionel HarrisRalph Richardson
Rachel Gurney
Basil Henson
Oliver Johnston
Paul Eddington
George Moon
Hannah Gordon
Brian Badcoe
Terence Donovan
Adapted from the play. Repeated 12 Aug 1965.
11 Feb 1965Naked Island Russell Braddon John Gorrie Ray Barrett
Alan White
Lewis Fiander
John Breslin
Barry Lowe
Burt Kwouk
James Bolam
Adapted from the play of the book. Repeated 16 Sep 1965.
18 Feb 1965The Living Room Graham Greene Herbert Wise Paul Rogers
Robert Flemyng
Janet Kelly
Ann Tirard
Margot Van der Burgh
Adapted from the play. Missing.
25 Feb 1965Traveller Without Luggage Jean Anouilh , translated by Lucienne HillGeorge R. Foa Richard Pasco
Lana Morris
Margaret Whiting
Reginald Beckwith
Peter Pratt
Madeleine Christie
Noel Hood
Clifford Earl
Terrence Hardiman
Adapted from the play. Repeated 19 Aug 1965. Missing.
4 Mar 1965Celebration Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse Mary RidgeBert Palmer
Noel Dyson
Trevor Bannister
Angela Crow
Julian Somers
Brian Smith
Joan Young
Nancie Jackson
Jayne Muir
Jane Tann
Leonard Rossiter
Derek Smee
Jenny Oulton
Leslie Lawton
Linda Polan
Dudley Foster
Adapted from the play. Repeated 26 Aug 1965. Missing.
11 Mar 1965The Kidders Donald Ogden Stewart Alan Gibson Nyree Dawn Porter
Rick Jones
John McLaren
Ann Lynn
Neil McCallum
Paul Maxwell
James Maxwell
Frank O'Keeffe
Adapted from the play. Missing.
18 Mar 1965Anatol Arthur Schnitzler Christopher Morahan Robert Hardy,
John Wood,
Moira Redmond,
Elvi Hale,
Priscilla Morgan
Adapted from the play. Repeated under Theatre 625 , 4 December 1966.

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