TiVi5 Monde

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  • TiVi5MONDE Afrique
Slogan Que l'amusement commence… en français !
Headquarters Paris, France
Language(s) French
Picture format 480i/576i SDTV
OwnerTV5Monde, S.A.
Sister channels
  • January 2012;9 years ago (2012-01) (United States)
  • June 11, 2016;4 years ago (2016-06-11) (Africa)
Website www.tivi5mondeplus.com
DTT (Ghana)SD
DirecTV (U.S.)Channel 118 (SD)
Canal+ Afrique Channel 81
SES-4 (African Union)SD
Streaming media
TiVi5MONDE Plus Watch online (SD)

TiVi5 Monde (French pronunciation:  [ti vi sɛ̃k mɔ̃d] ), stylized as TiVi5 MONDE, is an international pay television channel launched at the end of January 2012 [1] by the Francophone network TV5 Monde, which is aimed mainly to French-speaking African children (4–13 years). [2] Its main goal is to teach French to young children through dedicated programs. [2]


In the other regions, TiVi5 Monde is a block on TV5 Monde.


The channel was launched in the United States in 2012 exclusively on Dish Network. [1] On June 11, 2016, the channel was launched in Africa, exclusively on Canalsat Horizons. [3]


TiVi5 Monde airs educational programs, cartoons, children's series and games. Starting 2016, 12% of the productions broadcast in the channel are African. All the programs are French-speaking; the channel doesn't make any French dubbing of American series. [2] [3] Its programs both playful and educational are broadcast without advertising. [1]

This is a list of the programs formerly or currently broadcast on the channel: [4]

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