Ti Sento

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"Ti sento"
Single by Matia Bazar
from the album Melanchólia
B-side "Fiumi di parole"
Genre Synth-pop
Label Ariston
Producer(s) Celso Valli
Matia Bazar singles chronology
"Ti sento"

"Ti sento" is a song by the Italian pop band Matia Bazar from their 1985 album Melanchólia . It reached number one in Belgian music charts and number two in the Dutch charts. [1] It has been covered multiple times. In 2009 a version by Scooter became an international hit.


Track listing

A. "Ti sento" – 4:13
B. "Fiumi di parole" – 4:09
A. "I Feel You (Ti sento)" – 6:54
B. "Ti sento" – 5:40
A. "I Feel You" – 4:13
B. "Ti sento" – 4:18
A. "Ti sento" – 5:40
B1. "I Feel You (Ti sento)" – 4:18
B2. "Fiumi di parole" – 4:09


Weekly charts

Chart (1985–1986)Peak
Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) [2] 1
Europe (European Hot 100 Singles) [3] 33
Netherlands (Dutch Top 40) [4] 2
Netherlands (Single Top 100) [5] 2
West Germany (Official German Charts) [6] 11

Scooter version

"Ti sento"
Single by Scooter
from the album Under the Radar Over the Top
B-side "Scarborough Reloaded"
Released2 October 2009
Genre Jumpstyle
Label Sheffield Tunes
Producer(s) Scooter
Scooter singles chronology
"J'adore Hardcore"
"Ti sento"
"The Sound Above My Hair"
Music video
"Ti sento" on YouTube

"Ti sento" is a single by German techno group Scooter, based on the 1985 song of the same name by Matia Bazar. The single features the former singer of Matia Bazar, Antonella Ruggiero, and was the second release from the 2009 album Under the Radar Over the Top .

Track listings

CD single [7]
1."Ti Sento (Radio Edit)"3:55
2."Ti Sento (V.I.P. Room Club Mix)"5:18
3."Ti Sento (Extended Mix)"6:06
4."Ti Sento (Lissat and Voltax Remix)"4:30
5."Scarborough Reloaded"3:50
CD single (2-track) [8]
1."Ti Sento (Radio Edit)"3:55
2."Scarborough Reloaded"3:50
1."Ti Sento (V.I.P. Room Club Mix)"5:18
2."Ti Sento (Lissat & Voltaxx Remix)"7:44
3."Ti Sento (Extended Mix)"6:06
Download [9]
1."Ti Sento (Radio Edit)"3:55
2."Ti Sento (V.I.P. Room Club Mix)"5:18
3."Ti Sento (Extended Mix)"6:06
4."Ti Sento (Lissat and Voltax Remix)"7:44
5."Scarborough Reloaded"3:50

Music video

The 1940s-themed video premièred on 18 September 2009. [10] Shot in a cinematic style, it depicts the three band members, H. P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan, and Michael Simon escorting Antonella Ruggiero into an opera house, wearing full formal outfits. They enter through a storm of paparazzi and reporters. Jordan and Simon appear to be securing the premises, as Baxxter goes to a balcony seat. Ruggiero portrays an operatic singer, and she prepares for a large show before a mirror. Jordan spots an attractive woman climbing the stairs, and doesn't give it a second thought. Ruggiero exits out on the stage, and sings for a full house. Baxxter, Jordan, and Simon watch the show, and they notice an assassin (who is in fact the woman Jordan spotted earlier) poking a high-precision rifle through the curtains on the floor above them. Jordan and Simon run up the stairs to apprehend the shooter, while Baxxter throws himself off the balcony in a failed attempt to take the bullet for Ruggiero. The bullet is fired, and Ruggiero dies in Baxxter's arms at the end of the video, as they escape the opera house.

An extended version of the video premièred 25 September 2009. The video features over 2 minutes of extra footage, and the extended version of the song. The end of the video shows the reflections of the three band members failed attempts to stop the sniper from killing Ruggiero. [11] The video, like many other Scooter videos, features a historic automobile, this one being a Citroën Traction Avant.


"Ti Sento" samples the original by Matia Bazar, of which Ruggiero was the lead singer at the time (from 1975 to 1989). The sound effect is from Wildstylez's "Music or noize". The pre-melody also samples Crypsis & Kold Konexion's "Sonic sabotage".


Chart (2009–2010)Peak
Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) [12] 27
Czech Republic (Rádio – Top 100) [13] 32
European Hot 100 Singles ( Billboard ) [14] 33
Germany (Official German Charts) [15] 10
Hungary (Rádiós Top 40) [16] 5
Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade) [17] 45

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