Ti me više ne voliš

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Ti me više ne voliš
You Don't Love Me Anymore
Ti me vise ne volis.jpeg
Studio album by Donna Ares
Released 1998
  • Sani Records
  • Džavid Ljubovci
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Ti me više ne voliš
You Don't Love Me Anymore

Sviraj nešto narodno

Ti me više ne voliš (You Don't Love Me Anymore) is the debut studio album by Bosnian pop singer Donna Ares. It was released in 1998 through Sani Records. [1] [2]

All of the songs were written by Ares herself and produced by her husband Džavid Ljubovci. [3]

Track listing

1."Šta mi vrijedi" (What Does It Matter) 
2."Ti me više ne voliš" (You Don't Love Me Anymore) 
3."Nemoj lagati" (Don't Lie) 
4."Kazna" (Punishment) 
5."Vodi me" (Lead Me) 
6."Meni nije žao" (I'm Not Upset) 
7."Reci mi da znam" (Tell Me So I Know) 
8."Budi kraj mene" (Be Next to Me) 
9."Pustite me noćas" (Let Me Go Tonight) 
10."Be My Friend" 

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