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Tia Lee
Li Yu Fen  @ Xin Zhu Zhu Ke Yue Yang  - 40745986184 (cropped).jpg
Born (1985-05-11) May 11, 1985 (age 39)
Alma materDao Jiang Senior High School of Nursing & Home Economics
Occupation(s)Singer, actress, model
Years active2003–present
Musical career
Also known asTia Li
Li Yu-fen
Genres Mandopop
LabelsLinfair Records (2011–2015)
Sony Music Taiwan (2016–present)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 李毓芬

Tia Lee Yu-fen (Chinese :李毓芬; pinyin :Li Yufen; born 11 May 1985) is a singer and actress from Taiwan. She is a former member of the girl band Dream Girls


Tia Lee has modelled at major fashion shows and appeared on the covers of fashion magazines ELLE, Marie Claire, MILK, GQ, FHM, Girlfriend (女友), Urban Beauty (都市丽人), Hua Liu (华流), and FG Beauty (FG 美妆), and Rollercoaster. She shares beauty and fashion tips through a number of Vogue's social media channels. [1]

Lee is an advocate of women empowerment's. [2] [3] She established the #EmpowerHer movement to raise awareness and support for women-centric charitable organisations. [4]


Lee graduated from Dao Jiang Senior High School of Nursing and Home Economics  [ zh ] majoring in cosmetology. [5]

Music career

In 2010, Lee, Emily Song and Puff Kuo formed the Dream Girls. In 2011, Dream Girls released their debut EP "Beautiful Dreams", [6] and Li Yufen also starred in the short musical movie Dying For Love.[ citation needed ]

In 2016, Lee joined Sony Music and released the music single Not Good Enough. [7] In July she participated in the charity song Give It A Home.[ citation needed ]

In 2018, Lee released her solo single We Should Have (早應該). In 2019, Lee endorsed the Xianxia MMO game 美人刹 (aka “Beauty Brake” or “Game of Immortal Legend”)

In December 2022, Lee's MV single Goodbye Princess , produced by American music producer Swizz Beatz, was released on YouTube, shortly afterwards setting the record for the fastest Chinese pop music video to reach 100 million views on YouTube, doing so within a month. [8]

Acting career

Lee made her acting debut in the 2006 television series New Stars in the Night playing a small role. [9] In 2012, she starred in the romantic comedy Miss Rose (最完美的女孩). [10] In 2014, she starred in the drama series Fall in Love with Me opposite Aaron Yan. [11] [12] [13]

In 2016, Lee starred in the thriller The Perfect Girl (最完美的女孩) with Ray Chang and the thriller Please Keep Away (请勿靠近).[ citation needed ] In 2015, she starred in the sci-fi drama Future Mr. Right (來自未來的史密特) and in 2016 the thriller The Perfect Girl (最完美的女孩). In 2019, the romantic, musical road movie One Headlight (絕世情歌) starring Bor-Jeng Chen was released. In this movie, Lee played the heroine Fei, an optimistic free spirit.[ citation needed ]

In November 2022, Lee began to release a series of 6 short animated videos entitled "Goodbye Princess", each 30 seconds long, in advance of her new single "Goodbye Princess", to be released the following month. Directed by Tang Yat-Sing, illustrated by Mandy Mackenzie Ng, and with music composed by Zhu Yun, the Goodbye Princess animation series was based on Lee's own thoughts and encounters when she began her showbiz career. Each episode borrowed a "princess" character from the fairy tale world.[ citation needed ]


Lee has modelled for the covers of art, culture, lifestyle and fashion magazines including Vogue, Rollacoaster, Marie Claire, and Elle, and has been at a number of international fashion shows. She shares beauty and fashion tips through Vogue’s social media channels. [1] [14]

In November 2022, Lee featured as the cover of Vogue Hong Kong’s digital edition wearing Gucci x Adidas collaboration together with an interview about her experience in the industry. [15] In December 2022, she appeared in a Burberry outfit on the global cover of Rollacoaster, a UK fashion and music magazine. [16]

Lee has been invited to fashion and brand events by Louis Vuitton and Swarovski. [15]

Charitable activities

Lee established the #EmpowerHer campaign to raise awareness and support for women-centric charitable organisations. [4] The #EmpowerHer project has donated money raised to women empowerment charities including Women in Music in USA, Beats by Girlz in Europe, Africa and Americas, Teen’s Key in Hong Kong and Daughters of Tomorrow Singapore as initial recipients.  Each YouTube view of the ‘Goodbye Princess’ Music Video raises money for women empowerment charities worldwide as part of the #EmpowerHer campaign. [4]

Since the #EmpowerHer campaign was launched TikTokers created a viral dance for the ‘Goodbye Princess’ song with the #EmpowerHerDance challenge which fueled the campaign's international ambitions with Australian Hannah Balanay, and continued to spread to TikTokers and dancers from different regions and nations. [17] As a result, female duo DJ Olivia and Miriam Nervo did a remix of the ‘Goodbye Princess’ song and launched the #EmpowerHerMusic campaign in support of the #EmpowerHer women empowerment initiative. [18]


Television series

YearNetworkEnglish titleOriginal titleRole
2006New Stars in the Night新昨夜星辰Qiu Su Yun
2010 FTV Summer's Desire 泡沫之夏Ou Xing Ya
2011 Hayate the Combat Butler 旋風管家Maria and Athena Tennousu (duo roles)
TTV/SETTV Office Girls 小資女孩向前衝Zheng Kai Er
2012 TTV Miss Rose 螺絲小姐要出嫁Zhong Xiao Ke
In Between半熟恋人Yuan Jiawen
2013 FTV Fabulous Boys 原來是美男Herself
2014 JSTV Tao Lady淘女郎Tian Xin
TTV/SETTV Fall in Love With Me [19] 愛上兩個我Tao Le Si
2015Line TVLost? Me Too迷徒·ClaireClaire
2016 CTV Future Mr. Right來自未來的史密特Mi Xue
2017 EBC Jojo's World 我和我的四個男人Jojo Lin Chun-jiao

Feature film

YearEnglish titleOriginal titleRole
2017 The Perfect Girl 最完美的女孩Yeh Hsin
Please Keep Away请勿靠近Xiaoya
2019One Headlight絕世情歌Fei

Short film

YearEnglish titleOriginal titleNote(s)
2011Share The love分享爱
2012Dying For love减叹日记之Music


YearEnglish title
2022Goodbye Princess Episode 1: Falling in the Deep
2022Goodbye Princess Episode 2: Stuck in Time
2022Goodbye Princess Episode 3: The Puppet
2022Goodbye Princess Episode 4: Pawn to Queen
2022Goodbye Princess Episode 5: Temptation Apple
2022Goodbye Princess Episode 5: The Beginning

Music video appearances

YearSong titleDetails
  • "One Umbrella"
  • (一把傘)
  • "Second Break Up"
  • (第二次分手)
  • Singer(s): Denny Tang  [ zh ] (鄧寧)
  • Album:Invincible (万夫莫敌)
  • "The Moment of Silence"
  • (沉默的瞬間)
  • Singer(s): Nicholas Teo (張棟樑)
  • Album:The Moment of Silence (沉默的瞬間)
  • "After The Break Up"
  • (說分手之後)
  • "Love, Have You"
  • (愛,有你)
  • Singer(s): Chang Chin Chiao (張晉樵)
  • Album:Love, Have You (愛,有你)
  • "Live To Be A Hundred"
  • (活到一百歲)
2013"I Remember"
  • "That's Not Me"
  • (這不是我)
  • "Do Not Say GoodBye"
  • (別說GoodBye)
  • Singer(s): George Hu (胡宇威)
  • Album:George Hu Solo EP (胡宇威個人EP)
Singer(s): Tia Lee


Studio albums

#Mandarin titleEnglish titleRelease dateLabel
1st美夢當前Dream GirlsApril 8, 2011Linfair Records Limited / DECCA
2ndGirl's TalkGirl's TalkDecember 7, 2012Linfair Records Limited / DECCA
3rd美麗頭條BeautifulDecember 27, 2013Linfair Records Limited / DECCA


Mandarin titleEnglish titleReleased
风色幻想"Wind Fantasy"2011
是我不夠好"Not Good Enough"2016
给它一个家"Give it a home"2016
早應該"We Should Have"2018
相信你"Believe in You"2019
再見公主"Goodbye Princess"2022

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