Tia Ray

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Tia Ray
Born (1984-12-12) December 12, 1984 (age 35)
OccupationSinger, songwriter
AgentStar Land
Television Singer 2017
Singer 2018 (guest)
Singer 2019 (guest)
Singer 2020 (runner-up)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 袁婭維
Simplified Chinese 袁娅维
Musical career
Genres Mandopop, Neo-Soul
Labels Warner Music China

Tia Ray or Yuan Yawei (simplified Chinese :袁娅维; traditional Chinese :袁婭維; pinyin :Yuán Yàwéi; born 12 December 1984) is a Chinese singer. In 2004, she began to work as a background singer for Chinese singers including Jane Zhang and Ma Tianyu. In 2013, she appeared on the Chinese singing contest, The Voice of China , and debuted her singing career. [1] In 2014, she released her debut self-titled studio album. [2] Ray was also notable on her appearance in Singer since 2017, with her most recent appearance on 2020 as the season's runner-up.



Studio albums


I Am a Singer Performances

Singer 2017

Ray first appeared in the I Am a Singer series as one of eight "Initial singers" for the season. After Ray narrowly avoid elimination for the first two shows (on the first week however, she was declared safe due to a contestant's withdrawal from the competition), she was eliminated on the third week. Ray later advanced to the semi-finals after reinstating her in the Breakout rounds, and finished in 7th place.

Singer 2017 Performance List for Tia Ray
EpisodeRoundBroadcast DateSong TitleOriginal SingerSong IntroductionRankingPercentages of VotesRemarks
11st Qualifying RoundJanuary 21, 2017"阿楚姑娘" (Mandarin)Frankie LiangLyrics: Meng Ye
Composer: Frankie Liang
Arranger: Zhao Zhao
73.74%Singer voting in 3rd place
21st Knockout RoundJanuary 28, 2017"Love On Top" (English) Beyoncé Lyrics/Composer: Beyoncé Knowles, Terius Youngdell Nash, Shea Taylor
Arranger: Ni Ke
69.24%Singer voting in 2nd place
Overall ranking is 6th (6.49% of votes)
31st Challenge RoundFebruary 4, 2017"蒙娜丽莎的眼泪" (Mandarin) Terry Lin Lyrics/Composer: Zheng Huajuan
Arranger: Kubert Leung
88.50%Eliminated (finished last)
42nd Knockout RoundFebruary 11, 2017"Golden" (English) Jill Scott Lyrics: Jill Scott
Composer: Anthony Bell
Arranger: Fergus Chow
Non-ranked performance (Return Performance)
11Breakout RoundApril 1, 2017"开往春天的地铁" (Mandarin) Yu Quan Lyrics: Wu Xiangfei
Composer: Zhang Yadong
Arranger: Michael Ning, Phil Wen
68.22%Breakout Success
"Kiss from a Rose" (English) Seal Lyrics/Composer: Seal
Arranger: Michael Ning, Phil Wen
12Semi-FinalsApril 8, 2017"Sex Machine" (English) James Brown Lyrics/Composer: James Brown, Bobby Byrd, Ron Lenhoff
Arranger: Nick Pyo
"爱是怀疑" (Mandarin) Eason Chan Lyrics/Composer: Hanjin Tan
Arranger: Nick Pyo
13FinalsApril 15, 2017"奋不顾身" (Mandarin)Liu Huan, Summer Lyrics/Composer: Liu Huan
Arranger: Zhao Zhao, Meng Ke
86.39%Overall ranking is 7th (7.61% of votes)
Assisted by guest singer Liu Huan
"凤凰于飞" (Mandarin)Liu HuanLyrics/Composer: Liu Huan
Arranger: Zhao Zhao, Meng Ke
142017 Biennial ConcertApril 22, 2017"Misty" (English) Johnny Mathis Lyrics: Johnny Burke
Composer: Erroll Garner
Arranger: Chang Shilei
Non-ranked performance
Assisted by guest singer Chang Shilei
"来日方长" (Mandarin) Isabelle Huang, Joker Xue Lyrics: Chang Shilei
Composer: Tia Ray, Chang Shilei
Arranger: Chang Shilei

Singer 2018

Ray was invited as one of the four guest singers from the 2017 season during the season's biennial concert along with a guest Victor Ma. That season was currently the latest season to feature a concert airing after the finals held a week prior. The 2018 season also featured runner-up Hua Chenyu, who would also later compete along with Ray and two other singers two years later, and Hua gone on to win the season. [3]

Singer 2019 Performance List for Tia Ray
EpisodeRoundBroadcast DateSong TitleOriginal SingerSong IntroductionRankingPercentages of VotesRemarks
142018 Biennial ConcertApril 20, 2018"下个,路口,见" Li Yuchun Lyrics/Composer: Li Yuchun
Arrangement: Chen Hanwen
Chang Shilei
Non-ranked performance (as Guest Performer)

Singer 2019

Ray was again invited as a guest singer on the seventh season to accompany with Liu Huan (the eventual winner for that season) once more during the semi-finals.

Singer 2019 Performance List for Tia Ray
EpisodeRoundBroadcast DateSong TitleOriginal SingerSong IntroductionRankingPercentages of VotesRemarks
13Semi-FinalsApril 5, 2019"City of Stars"(English) Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Lyrics: Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Composer: Justin Hurwitz
Non-ranked performance (as Guest Performer)

Singer 2020

Ray later returned for her second season in 2020, entitled Year of the Hits, as one of the four returning singers from seasons four to six (including Lala Hsu, Jam Hsiao and season's winner Hua Chenyu). Ray was again eliminated after week eight (and unlike previous seasons, Ray was not entitled to Returning Performances the following week due to safety concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak at the time), but she was reinstated upon her success in the Breakouts and went on to clinch as the season's runner-up, making her the best-performing previously eliminated singer in the series. [4] [5]

Singer 2020 Performance List for Tia Ray
EpisodeRoundBroadcast DateSong TitleOriginal SingerSong IntroductionRankingPercentages of VotesRemarks
11st Qualifier RoundFebruary 7, 2020"我爱"Tia RayLyrics: Malay, Trey Cambell, Tia Ray, Li Cong
Composer: Malay, Trey Cambell, Tia Ray
Arranged: Michael Ning, Julian Waterfall Pollack
66.55%Won "Surprise Challenge" against Jeryl Lee (247-232)
21st Knockout RoundFebruary 14, 2020"不亏不欠"Tia RayLyrics: Cheung Cho Kiu
Composer: Khris Riddick-Tynes, Leon Thomas III, Debbie Aramide
Arranged: Huang Yun Xun, Zhang Yiyu
314.36%Overall placement is 6th (10.455% of votes)
32nd Qualifier RoundFebruary 21, 2020"有一种悲伤" A-Lin Lyrics: Gavin Lin
Composer: Alex Chang Jien
42nd Knockout RoundFebruary 28, 2020"Love Can Fly"Tia RayLyrics: Tia Ray
Composer: Chang Shilei
415.92%Overall placement is 5th (13.295% of votes)
53rd Qualifier RoundMarch 6, 2020"凄美地"Guo DingLyrics/Composer: Guo Ding415.15%Lost "Surprise Challenge" against Jike Junyi (212-274)
63rd Knockout RoundMarch 13, 2020"月牙湾" F.I.R. Lyrics: Kevin Yi, Xie Youhui
Composer: Real Huang
217.13%Overall placement is 3rd (16.145% of votes)
74th Qualifier RoundMarch 20, 2020"存·不存在"Tia RayLyrics: Yu Hong Long, Ape Kao
Composer: Yu Hong Long
84th Knockout RoundMarch 27, 2020"我想"Yu JiayunLyrics/Composer: Yu Jiayun77.78%Eliminated/Overall placement is 7th (11.005% of votes)
"I Love You 3000 II" Jackson Wang Lyrics/Composer: Jackson Wang, Stephanie Poetri
11Breakout RoundApril 17, 2020"盛夏光年" Mayday Lyrics/Composer: Ashin 138.04%Breakout Success
Won Duel against Super-Vocal (328-157)
12Grand FinalsApril 24, 2020"2020 So Crazy" medley2N/ARound 1 performance - Guest singer is Victor Ma
Won Duel against Misia (312-173)
"So Crazy" Coco Lee Lyrics: Hanjin Tan, Coco Lee
Composer: Coco Lee
"Lover Boy 88" Higher Brothers
Phum Viphurit
Lyrics: Higher Brothers
Composer: Higher Brothers, Phum Viphurit
"Young Prince"Victor Ma
Lyrics/Composer: Victor Ma
"Starfall"Tia RayLyrics: TetraCalyx
Composer: Zoe Tsai
30.68%Round 2 performance

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