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Tianchan Theater circa 1930 Tianchan Theatre.jpg
Tianchan Theater circa 1930
Tianchan Theater in 2014 Tianchan Wutai (Tianchan Yifu Wutai).JPG
Tianchan Theater in 2014

The Tianchan Peking Opera Center and Yifu Theater (traditional Chinese :天蟾京劇中心逸夫舞臺; simplified Chinese :天蟾京剧中心逸夫舞台), commonly known as Tianchan Yifu Theater , or just Tianchan,Yifu, or Tianchan Theater, is a theater in Shanghai, China. Built in 1925, it opened on the Chinese New Year of 1926 as the Tahsin Theater(Chinese :大新舞臺), and was subsequently taken over by the tycoon Ku Chu-hsuan(Chinese :顧竹軒) in 1930, who renamed as "Tianchan." [1]

Most performances there are Peking Operas, with occasional Yue opera(also known as "Shaohsing opera") or Kunqu performances.

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The Jingju Theater Company of Beijing, formerly known as the Peking Opera Theater Company of Beijing, also known as the Beijing Peking Opera Company, is a theater company based in Beijing, and the largest jingju performing group in China. Its main venue is the Chang'an Grand Theater, and productions are often aired nationally on CCTV-11. Unestablished performers also hone their skills in smaller theaters.


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