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Tianjin–Jizhou railway or Jinji railway (simplified Chinese :津蓟铁路; traditional Chinese :津薊鐵路; pinyin :Jīnjì Tiělù) is a 92 km long minor railway line in China connecting urban Tianjin and Jizhou. In 2015, a number of regional rail services referred as Line S9 started operating on the line. [1]


Stations for passenger services

Station NameConnectionsDistance
TJP Tianjin 天津  Jingjin  
TianjinMetro.svg   2    3    9  
Hedong Tianjin–Shanhaiguan railway
TBP Tianjin North
天津北 TianjinMetro.svg   3    6   Hebei
CFP Caozili 曹子里 Wuqing Tianjin–Jizhou railway
CHP Cuihuangkou 崔黄口
DKP Dakoutun 大口屯 Baodi
BPP Baodi North
宝坻北 [2]
ECP Xiacang 下仓 Jizhou
SKP Shangcang 上仓
JKP Jizhou North

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Baodi North railway station is a railway station in Yuhua Subdistrict, Baodi District, Tianjin, China. It is an intermediate stop on the Tianjin–Jizhou railway and was opened in 1965. The station was originally named Baodi but was renamed Baodi North on 30 August 2022, before the opening of the new Baodi railway station in late 2022.