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Xuan Cai Jin Men 0Tian Jin Xi Zhan Quan Jing Panorama of Tianjin West Railway Station.jpg
New Tianjin West Railway Station
General information
LocationBeiyingmen Ximalu, Hongqiao District, Tianjin
Coordinates 39°9′26″N117°9′40″E / 39.15722°N 117.16111°E / 39.15722; 117.16111
Operated by Beijing Railway Bureau
China Railway Corporation
Line(s) Jinghu Railway
Jinbao Intercity Railway
Jinghu High-Speed Railway
Jinqin High-Speed Railway
  • Bus terminal
Other information
Station code
  • TMIS code: 16010
  • Telegraph code: TXP
  • Pinyin code: TJX
Classification Top Class station
Opened1910 [1]
Preceding station CRH-logo.svg China Railway High-speed Following station
Terminus Beijing–Shanghai high-speed railway Tianjin South
Tianjin–Qinhuangdao high-speed railway Tianjin
towards Qinhuangdao
Tianjin–Baoding intercity railway Shengfang
towards Baoding
towards Beijing
Beijing–Shanghai high-speed railway Caozhuang
Preceding station Tianjin Metro Following station
towards Donggulu
Line 1 Honghuli
towards Liuyuan
towards Nansunzhuang
Line 6 Fuxinglu
towards Lushuidao

The Tianjinxi (West) Railway Station (Chinese :天津西站; pinyin :Tiānjīnxī zhàn) is a high-speed railway station in Tianjin. It is served by the Beijing–Shanghai railway and Jinbao Intercity Railway and by the Beijing–Shanghai high-speed railway.


Extension Project

In 2008, renovation and expansion works of the station began, in tandem with the construction of the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway. After the completion of the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, and in anticipation for services of the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, Tianjin West's platforms were increased from 13 to 24. These include 9 high-speed platforms with 17 railway lines.

Inside View of Tianjin West Railway Station in 2021 Tianjin West Railway Station.jpg
Inside View of Tianjin West Railway Station in 2021

The reconstruction of the station building involved the creation of a new main station building with a larger waiting room, a new North-South underground connection square, baggage check-in points, and facilitated access. The new Tianjin West station can be reached by bus, Metro (Tianjin Metro Line 1, 4, 6; Line 4 currently not in service), taxi, or on foot. Tianjin West Railway Station will replace the main Tianjin station to become the largest transportation hub of the city of Tianjin. The station was designed by the internationally renowned architectural firm Gerkan, Marg and Partners and was officially opened in summer 2011. The operation is part of a massive urban renovation project of the north area of Tianjin that will bring the station in the centre of a new residential and commercial development.

Old Tianjin West Railway Station, built in 1910. Xuan Cai Jin Men 122Tian Jin Xi Zhan Lao Zhan Fang .jpg
Old Tianjin West Railway Station, built in 1910.

Metro connection

The railway station is served by Lines 1 and 6 on the Tianjin Metro. The metro station opened on 12 June 2006. [2] Line 4 is expected to serve the station by 2024.

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Tianjin–Weifang–Yantai high-speed railway is a high-speed railway currently under construction in China. The railway will have a design speed of 350 kilometres per hour (220 mph). Weifang–Yantai section of the railway is expected to open in 2024 and Tianjin–Weifang section is expected to open in 2027.


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