Tianjin World Financial Center

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The Tianjin Tower
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Tianjin World Financial Center
General information
Location Tianjin
Coordinates 39°07′44″N117°11′47″E / 39.12889°N 117.19639°E / 39.12889; 117.19639 Coordinates: 39°07′44″N117°11′47″E / 39.12889°N 117.19639°E / 39.12889; 117.19639
Construction started2007
CompletedTopped out 14 January 2010 [1]
Cost3.5 billion yuan
Owner Financial Street Holding [2]
Architectural336.9 meters (1,105 ft) [3] [4]
Top floor313.6 m (1,029 ft) [3]
Observatory313.6 m (1,029 ft) [3]
Technical details
Floor count74 [3]
Design and construction
Architect Skidmore, Owings and Merrill [2]
Structural engineer Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM-SF)
Tianjin World Financial Center as seen from the north from the other side of Dagu Bridge. Jian She Zhong De Jin Ta 2.JPG
Tianjin World Financial Center as seen from the north from the other side of Dagu Bridge.

The Tianjin Tower, [5] or Jin Tower (Chinese :津塔; pinyin :Jīntǎ), [4] or Tianjin World Financial Center (Chinese :天津环球金融中心; pinyin :Tiānjīn Huánqiú Jīnróng Zhōngxīn) is a modern supertall skyscraper located in the Heping District of Tianjin, China, on the banks of the Hai River. [6] The mixed-use tower is 336.9 meters (1,105 ft) tall and contains 74 floors above ground and 4 below, [3] with an observation deck at 305.2 meters (1,001 ft). The area of the glass unitized curtain wall, manufactured by Jangho Group, is 215,000m². [2] It is notable as the first office building in Tianjin to be equipped with double decker elevators. [1]


The skyscraper was topped-out on January 14, 2010 [1] and opened in 2011.

The building is owned by Financial Street Holding, [2] with JLL (company) as joint sales and leasing agents. [1]


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