Tianmu White House

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Tianmu White House
Tian Mu Bai Wu (Mei Jun Su She Tianmu White House, Tianmu,Taipe (Former U.S. Military Advisors' Residence) Mei Guo Qian Jun Shi Gu Wen De Gong Yu  - panoramio.jpg
General information
TypeFormer house
Location Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan
Coordinates 25°07′29.1″N121°31′50.6″E / 25.124750°N 121.530722°E / 25.124750; 121.530722 Coordinates: 25°07′29.1″N121°31′50.6″E / 25.124750°N 121.530722°E / 25.124750; 121.530722
Opened20 July 2016
Technical details
Floor area132 m2

The Tianmu White House (Chinese :天母白屋; pinyin :Tiānmǔ Báiwū) is a historical house in Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan.



In the 1950s, the Government of the Republic of China acquire the agricultural lands around the area and developed it into a residential area to house the United States (US) Armed Forces during the Korean War to defend Taiwan from attack from Mainland China. [1] After the US armed forces left the island, the area began to degrade. In 2004, local residents requested the buildings to be preserved and later it was designated as historical site in 2005. In 2014, the house ownership was transferred from Bank of Taiwan to Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office. [2] The house was opened to the public on 20 July 2016.


The house was designed with American suburban housing architecture style in the 1950s. It integrates Western, Chinese and Japanese style. Initially built with red brick colored, the house was painted white in 2006 for The Magicians of Love movie shooting. [3]


Various activities have been held in the house aiming to promote physical and mental health.

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