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Tianya may refer to:

Tianya District District in Hainan, Peoples Republic of China

Tianya is a county-level district under the jurisdiction of the city of Sanya, Hainan. The district was established on 12 February 2014.

Tianya Haijiao

Tianya Haijiao is a popular visitor attraction 24 kilometres (15 mi) west of Sanya city, Hainan, China.

Tianya Club is one of the most popular Internet forums in China. As of 2015, it is ranked by Alexa as the 11th most visited site in the People's Republic of China and 60th overall. It was founded on 14 February 1999.

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Sanya Prefecture-level city in Hainan, Peoples Republic of China

Sanya is the southernmost city on Hainan Island, and one of the four prefecture-level cities of Hainan Province, in Southeast China.

Adia Chan Hong Kong actor and singer

Adia Chan is an Indonesian-born Hong Kong actress, singer, model, and spokesperson.

<i>Street Angel</i> (1937 film) 1937 film by Yuan Muzhi

Street Angel is a Chinese film released in 1937. The film was directed by Yuan Muzhi and stars Zhao Dan and the popular singer Zhou Xuan in her debut role.

Sarah Chen or Chen Shuhua is a Taiwanese singer who became famous during the late-1980s and early-1990s. Her most famous hit songs, many resulting from her collaborations with songwriter Jonathan Lee, include Awakening Dream 夢醒時分 and Is it Right to Love You? 這樣愛你對不對. Her 1989 album Talk to You, Listen to You 跟你說聽你說 became the first album to reach a million sales in Taiwan.

The Chinese Motor Vehicle Driving License is the legal driving license within China excluding the two special administrative regions. In these two territories separate driving license must be obtained from their respective traffic authorities. It is issued, ratified and regularly inspected by the traffic administrative department of the public security organ. Minimum age varies from 18 all the way up to 26 in the country. Learner's licenses, although granted, have little effect, as most training takes place within the confines of specially-designed training areas inaccessible, on paper, to the general motoring public. Previously, expressways were inaccessible even for holders of a normal driver's license if they did not possess the license for a full year; however, such a regulation has now been invalidated. Drivers with licenses less than a year old, however, are still considered "intern drivers" or "new drivers", and certain limitations apply to them. The PRC considers the driving license, under a new law, an administrative license.

<i>A Man Called Hero</i> 1999 film by Andrew Lau

A Man Called Hero is a 1999 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Andrew Lau. It is loosely based on the manhua series Chinese Hero: Tales of the Blood Sword by Hong Kong artist Ma Wing-shing. It won the 1999 Golden Horse Award for Best Visual Effects.

"Tianya genü", or "The Wandering Songstress", is one of two theme songs from the 1937 Chinese film Street Angel; the other being the "Four Seasons Song". It was composed by He Luting based on an older Suzhou ballad, with lyrics by Tian Han. The song was sung by Zhou Xuan in the film, playing the role of Xiao Hong.

"Contemporary Chinese Thought and the Question of Modernity" is an influential article of around 35,000 characters in length by Chinese intellectual historian and literary scholar Wang Hui, written in 1994 and published in left-wing literature journal Tianya (天涯) in 1997. An English translation by Rebecca E. Karl appeared in a volume of Social Text titled "Intellectual Politics in Post-Tiananmen China" (1998).

Hu Rentian is a Chinese football player who currently plays for Hebei China Fortune as a midfielder in the Chinese Super League.

All Tomorrow's Parties is a 2003 Chinese science fiction film directed by Yu Lik-wai. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

<i>Chinese Paladin 3</i> (TV series) TV series

Chinese Paladin 3 is a 2009 Chinese television series adapted from the video game of the same title, and, because of an added time travel concept allowing the protagonist from Chinese Paladin (2005) to appear in the setting decades before the events of the first. It was first aired on Taizhou Broadcasting Station in June 2009. Chinese Paladin 2 was not filmed because the producers felt that the third game had a much stronger story than the second.

<i>A Weaver on the Horizon</i> television series

A Weaver on the Horizon is a 2010 Chinese television series based on the life story of Huang Daopo, who revolutionized the textile industry during the Mongol conquest of the Song dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan dynasty. The story is considered to be historical fiction, as the plot deviates from factual accounts. A central theme of feminism is also present, as more focus is placed on the female protagonists than their male counterparts. The series premiered on Nanning Television on 14 August 2010 and ran for 36 episodes.


mop.com is the name of a Chinese bulletin board system (BBS). Though popular in China, it has been cited as a source of controversy.

天涯歌女 may refer to:

<i>Shangguan Waner</i> (TV series) television series

Shangguan Wan'er is a Chinese television series based on the life of Shangguan Wan'er, a female official in the court of Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in Chinese history. Starring Ruan Danning as the titular character, the series was first aired in mainland China in December 1998. The series was broadcast again in March 2003 on Sichuan Satellite TV.

Butterford Wong is a Canto-Pop singer from Hong Kong.

Lu Nan is a contemporary photographer who was born in Beijing, China in 1962. After working for National Pictorial for 5 years, he decided to become an independent photographer. From 1989 to 1990, he shot a series of images of the living conditions of patients in Chinese mental hospitals. From 1992 to 1996, he shot a series of images about Catholicism in China. From 1996 to 2004, he shot a series images of the daily life of Tibetan farmers. Lu Nan is known as "the most legendary photographer in China". Compared to the photography filed, his reputation in the art field seems to be greater. His early photograph Increase one meter for unknown mountain has become the most classic image of Chinese contemporary art. He is also the only Chinese contemporary photographer chosen by Aperture magazine as a topic colon.