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Kopi tiam traditional coffee shop found in Southeast Asia

A kopitiam or kopi tiam is a traditional coffee shop mostly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Southern Thailand patronised for meals and beverages. The word kopi is a Indonesian and Malay term for coffee and tiam is the Hokkien/Hakka term for shop (店). Menus typically feature simple offerings: a variety of foods based on egg, toast, and kaya, plus coffee, tea, and Milo. Not to be confused with the chain of commercial food courts called "Kopitiam".

<i>Destiny</i> (1921 film) 1921 film by Fritz Lang

Destiny is a 1921 silent German Expressionist fantasy romance film directed by Fritz Lang and inspired by the Indian folktale of Savitri. The film follows a woman desperate to reunite with her dead lover. It also follows three other tragic romances, set in a Middle Eastern city; in Venice, Italy; and in the Chinese Empire.

Rice noodles noodles that are made from rice

Rice noodles, or simply rice noodle, are noodles made from rice. The principal ingredients are rice flour and water. Sometimes ingredients such as tapioca or corn starch are added in order to improve the transparency or increase the gelatinous and chewy texture of the noodles.

Will Tiao American actor

Will Tiao is a Taiwanese American actor, producer, and real estate broker and investor.

Tião was a solitary male bottlenose dolphin that was first spotted in the town of São Sebastião in Brazil around 1994 and frequently allowed humans to interact with him, having a particular preference to interacting with female humans. The dolphin later killed a swimmer and injuring many others, which later earned him the nickname killer dolphin.

Tião Viana Brazilian politician

Sebastião Afonso Viana Macedo Neves, better known as Tião Viana, is a doctor and Brazilian politician. He was formerly Governor of Acre and is a member of the Workers' Party. He served as interim President of the Senate in 2007.

Mulheres Apaixonadas is a Brazilian telenovela which originally aired on Rede Globo from February 17, 2003 to October 10, 2003 with a total of 203 episodes. It is created by Manoel Carlos and directed by Ricardo Waddington, Rogério Gomes and José Luiz Villamarim.

Tião Carreiro & Pardinho is a Brazilian sertanejo musical duo.

The Xitiao or West Tiao River is located in Zhejiang Province, China. It flows through Huzhou before entering Lake Tai.

Luc-Adolphe Tiao is a Burkinabé politician and journalist who was Prime Minister of Burkina Faso from 2011 to 2014.

Sebastião "Tião" Amorim Gimenez, also commonly known as Tião, is a Brazilian former basketball player who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics.

<i>They Dont Wear Black Tie</i> 1981 film by Leon Hirszman

Eles Não Usam Black-tie is a 1981 Brazilian drama film directed by Leon Hirszman, based on Gianfrancesco Guarnieri's play of the same name.

2014 Acre gubernatorial election election to the position of governor and vice governor of Acre in 2014

The first round of the Acre gubernatorial election was held on 5 October 2014 to elect the next Governor of the state of Acre. No candidate won 50% of the vote and thus a second-round runoff election was held on 26 October. Governor Tião Viana was re-elected for a second term.

Char kway teow popular noodle dish in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand

Char kway teow, literally "stir-fried rice cake strips", is a popular noodle dish from Southeast Asia, notably in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. The dish is considered a national favourite in Malaysia and Singapore.

<i>Insomnia Lover</i> 2016 film by Yuan Jie

Insomnia Lover is a 2016 Chinese romantic comedy film directed by Yuan Jie and starring Treechada Petcharat, Deng Zifeng, Patrick Tam, Lan Yan and Teddy Lin. It was produced by Shenzhen Haiyuan Mengxiang Media and distributed by Beijing Lanjing Shengshi Media which released it in China on April 22, 2016. The English title as given in the movie itself is Sleepless Men and Women. The beginning credits in the movie listed Poyd aka Treechada Petcharat, Deng Zifei, Yangliao, and Zhao Yixin as starring while Patrick Tam aka Tan Yaowen, Lanyan, and Teddy Lin aka Lianjin are listed under cameo appearance. The director Yuan Jie is credited as Jacky who is also the writer.

Padre Tião is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. It premiered on 12 December 1965 and ended on 17 February 1966, with a total of 50 episodes. It's the third "novela das sete" to be aired on the timeslot. It is created by Moysés Weltman and directed by Otávio Graça Mello.

Macaco Tião

Macaco Tião was a chimpanzee of the Rio Janeiro Zoo who was very popular with children and visitors.

<i>The Bathing Women</i> Novel by Tie Ning

The Bathing Women is a novel written by Chinese author Tie Ning and published in Chinese in 2000, translated into English in 2012. The Bathing Women focuses on the lives and personal growth of several characters as they live in the turbulent times of The Cultural Revolution and the economic boom of the 1980s. The plot focuses on several feminist themes such as gender inequality, misogyny and sexual liberality.

Tiao Chan is a 1967 Taiwanese sound film directed by Hu Chia Shen. The film is a portrayal of one of the "Four Beauties" of ancient China, in this case the titular Diaochan, from the late Eastern Han Dynasty era. Like Diaochan, the film is also known by the literal translation of her name, the Sable Cicada.

Diao Wenyuan is a former international table tennis player and coach from China.