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Tiara Yachts is a boat manufacturer based in Holland, Michigan. Its models include both fishing and cruising yachts ranging from 34–53 feet. The company is most famous for coining the term "open" to describe its Tiara 3100. Tiara had a sister company, known as Pursuit, that produces models from 24–42 feet with outboard engines. Pursuit Boats was acquired by Malibu Boats in 2018. [1]


History of company

Tiara Yachts is known for building mid-sized luxury yachts. [2] The company’s founder, Leon Slikkers, owned and operated another yacht building company before he founded his second company, S2 Yachts (parent company to Tiara). Even before that, Slikkers worked at Chris Craft. Slikkers' next move in his career was owning and operating Slickcraft, which focused on building motor-powered boats. In the late 1960s, many large public yacht companies were looking to buy smaller companies in the interest of drawing new stockholders and diversifying their stock. A company based in New York, called American Machine and Foundry (AMF), gained interest in Slickcraft. In September 1969, Slikkers sold the company, while still holding his position as President. After a few years with this new company, Slikkers left claiming that they were not committed to the same level of excellence as he was. Slikkers then proceeded to leave AMF and Slickcraft behind to create a new company with his sons, which his family stills owns and operates today, S2 Yachts and all of its ‘child’ companies such as Tiara Yachts. [2] On February 18, 1974, S2 Yachts was founded. Shortly after S2 Yachts was founded, Slikkers’ two older sons finished college and joined their father at the company. S2 began rolling sailboats off the lot almost right away, however, a few more years down the line Leon began to feel the same pressures as before. Fortunately for him, he had a larger company this time, more capital than before, and both his sons on his side. All these factors allowed S2 to gain momentum in this ever-competitive industry, still able to remain a private company. In 1976, Leon decided that it was time for another change of pace within the company. These changes lead to S2 Yachts building motor yachts. As a result of the high sales of this new line of yachts, it was decided to create a totally new division in the company that would focus on motor yachts only. Tiara Yachts was incorporated. [3]

Yachts offered by Tiara

Tiara offers five series of yachts, the Q Series, Tiara Series, Convertible Series, Flybridge Series, and the Coupe Series.

Q Series

The Q Series is currently available in a single model, the Q 44. The Q Series is marketed as an "adventure yacht" for day boating. [4]

Tiara Series

The Tiara Series is available in four models: 31, 36, 39, and 43. The Tiara Series is designed as an open coupe for day boating. [4]


The Convertible Series is available in two models, the 39 Convertible, and the 48 Convertible. The Convertible Series is designed as a sport fishing/cruising yacht. [4]


The Flybridge Series is available in two models, the F 44 and the F 53. The Flybridge Series is the flybridge version of the Coupe Series. [4]


The Coupe Series is available in three models, the C 39, C 44, and the C 53. The Coupe Series is designed as a cruising yacht. [4]

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Robert W. Ball is a Canadian yacht designer, now based in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Robert Ball was the chief in-house designer at C&C Yachts from 1973 to 1991.


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