Tibba Shah Behlol

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Tibba Shah Behlol
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Tibba Shah Behlol
Coordinates: 32°13′7.32″N73°35′11.148″E / 32.2187000°N 73.58643000°E / 32.2187000; 73.58643000 Coordinates: 32°13′7.32″N73°35′11.148″E / 32.2187000°N 73.58643000°E / 32.2187000; 73.58643000
Country Flag of Pakistan.svg  Pakistan
Province Punjab
  Total25 km2 (10 sq mi)
210 m (690 ft)
Time zone UTC+5 (PST)
Calling code 0547

Tibba Shah Behlol is a town of Pindi Bhattian on Chiniot-Lahore road. It is located at the coordinates 31.8450 N and 73.2104 E. It is very famous town for the Sheikh Behlol Daryai and it is built on His name.

Tibba is some place that is somewhat above from the ground level the name Tibba Shah Bahlol is ascribed to a great sufi master Sheikh Bahlol Qadri ( d. 983AH/ 1575) as he aboded the place and his shrine is located in the same place .

Some life biography of the saint is necessary to know why and how the name of the place was coined after his name.

A very historical book Haqiqat ul Fuqara ( for reference please read the book on www.rekhta.org) written by Sheikh Syed Mahmood Aka. Syed Muhammad pir ( written in 1072AH/ 1666) gives us a short but detailed biography of the famous saint Sheikh Bahlol Qadri Hanafi.

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Syed Shuja’at Ali Qadri was judge of Federal Shariat Court, a member of the Pakistani Council of Islamic Ideology and a scholar of Islamic Sciences and modern science. He was influenced by Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvin and worked for the Barelvi movement.

Syed Abdul Rehman Jilani Dehlvi was a notable Sufi saint of the Qadri Order in the Indian Subcontinent. His predecessors include Abdul Qadir Jilani, who initiated the silsila of the Qadri order. He played a major role in establishing the order in Delhi.

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Sakhi Shah Suleman Noori Hazoori was a well known scholar, saint and Sufi of Qadiriyya silsila in sub-continent. His Spirtual leader and "Murshid" was Syed Shah Maroof Khushabi. He spent his whole live in devotion and love for Allah.

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Makhdoom Shah Maroof Khushabi was famous sufi,saint and preacher of Islamic of Qadiriyya Silsila.His was the successor of Shah Mubarak Haqani .He was blessed with Chishti Order(From his father Shiekh Adam) and Qadiriyya order.