Tiberiu Brediceanu

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Tiberiu Brediceanu
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Born(1877-04-02)April 2, 1877
DiedDecember 19, 1968(1968-12-19) (aged 91)
Nationality Romanian
Children Mihai Brediceanu

Tiberiu Brediceanu (April 2, 1877, Lugoj December 19, 1968, Bucharest) was a Romanian composer and a corresponding member of the Romanian Academy.


Born in Lugoj, Romania, to Coriolan Brediceanu, Tiberiu Brediceanu studied in Blaj and Brașov and worked as a general manager of the Bucharest Opera House. He composed symphonic dances, as well as songs and ballads for both voice and piano. He also published a collection of 170 folk melodies and wrote several works on Romanian folk songs.

He was the brother of Caius, Sempronia, and Cornelia (Lucian Blaga's wife), and the father of the composer and conductor Mihai Brediceanu.

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