Tibor Bodor

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Tibor Bodor
Born(1921-02-11)11 February 1921
Kiskunhalas, Hungary
Died 20 July 2000(2000-07-20) (aged 79)
Budapest, Hungary
Occupation Actor
Years active 1941–2000

Tibor Bodor (11 February 1921 in Kiskunhalas – 20 July 2000 in Budapest) was a Hungarian actor, voice actor, teacher.

Kiskunhalas Town in Bács-Kiskun, Hungary

Kiskunhalas is a city in Bács-Kiskun County, Hungary.

Budapest Capital city in Hungary

Budapest is the capital and the most populous city of Hungary, and the tenth-largest city in the European Union by population within city limits. The city had an estimated population of 1,752,704 in 2016 distributed over a land area of about 525 square kilometres. Budapest is both a city and county, and forms the centre of the Budapest metropolitan area, which has an area of 7,626 square kilometres and a population of 3,303,786, comprising 33 percent of the population of Hungary.

Voice acting act of doubling a character in an animated movie or to voice-over

Voice acting is the art of performing voice-overs or providing voices to represent a character or to provide information to an audience or user. Examples include animated, off-stage, off-screen or non-visible characters in various works, including feature films, dubbed foreign language films, animated short films, television programs, commercials, radio or audio dramas, comedy, video games, puppet shows, amusement rides, audiobooks and documentaries. Voice acting is also done for small handheld audio games.


He was born in Kiskunhalas, Hungary. After finishing his studies at Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest, he worked for the Theatre of the Town in Szeged. In 1942 he moved to Miskolc. He was a prisoner of war, but he continued the performances. He played at National Theatre of Pécs from 1948, at Madách Theatre from 1949. After 1956 he worked at National Theatre. He was a very well-recognised recitator. He taught it at his alma mater in 1951–1952 and after 1957. He played at television series as well. He figured comrade Kenész, leader of the printing-house in the Szomszédok telenovel. He was regarded as the actor with the nicest voice. [1] He was granted to a freeman of Kiskunhalas in 1987. [2]

Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest Hungarian art school in Budapest

The Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest is a university founded in 1865 in Budapest, Hungary. The institution became a university in 2000 and the name has changed to University of Theatre and Film Arts.

Szeged City with county rights in Southern Great Plain, Hungary

Szeged is the third largest city of Hungary, the largest city and regional centre of the Southern Great Plain and the county seat of Csongrád county. The University of Szeged is one of the most distinguished universities in Hungary.

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