Tibor Hernádi

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Tibor Hernádi
BornAugust 22, 1947
DiedJuly 26, 2012 (2012-07-27) (aged 64)
OccupationAnimator, director, producer, screenwriter, layout artist

Tibor Hernádi (August 22, 1947 – July 26, 2012) was a Hungarian animation director, film director, producer, screenwriter and storyboard artist. Hernádi has served as an animation director and layout artist in several animated films throughout his career. He had also directed 86 animated Red Bull commercials between 1992 and 2012. After working as a director on short animated films, Hernádi made his full-length directorial effort in Felix the Cat: The Movie , which was released in the United Kingdom in October 1988. He also served as the layout artist for the film. The film was heavily panned by critics and fans of the original cartoons. In 1995, Hernádi co-wrote and co-directed The Seventh Brother along with Jeno Koltai. He also served as the character designer of the film.

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<i>Felix the Cat: The Movie</i> 1988 animated feature film directed by Tibor Hernádi

Felix the Cat: The Movie is a 1988 Hungarian-American animated fantasy film directed by Tibor Hernádi and based on the cartoon and comic strip character of the same name. It was made in Europe during 1986 and 1987, but was not officially released in the United States until 1991 on VHS.

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Hernádi died in July 2012, in Hungary.


The Seventh Brother is a 1991 American-German-Hungarian animated fantasy-comedy-drama film for children made and produced at Hungary's Pannonia Film Studio. It was co-produced with Magyar Televízió, Germany's RealFilm, and the U.S. outlet Feature Films for Families.

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