Tibor Kristóf

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Tibor Kristóf
Kristof Tibor.jpg
Kristóf in 2005
Born(1942-02-20)20 February 1942
Miskolc, Hungary
Died2 September 2009(2009-09-02) (aged 67)
Budapest, Hungary
Years active1967–2009

Tibor Kristóf (20 February 1942 – 2 September 2009) was a Hungarian actor.



Besides his own career in Hungarian films and television, Kristóf provided the Hungarian-language voices of many prominent English-speaking Hollywood actors in major American-produced films. [1]

Kristóf provided the Hungarian language voice of Morgan Freeman [1] in the films, The Bucket List and Wanted . [1] He also provided the Hungarian voice over for actors Sean Connery and Peter Gilmore. [1]

Kristóf also provided the voice of Darth Vader [1] in George Lucas' Star Wars films, [1] including Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope .


Kristóf died on 2 September 2009 in Budapest at the age 67. [1]


1973Nápolyt látni és...
1975Kenyér és cigaretta
1976Talpuk alatt fütyül a szélGyönyörû József
1976Kilenc hónapHajnóczy István, docensVoice
1978A közös bün
1982Cha-Cha-ChaGruber papa
1984Hivatalnok urakMüller
1985 Flowers of Reverie Heinrich magyar hangjaVoice
1991 The Seventh Brother Héja (Hawk)Voice
1993Sose halunk meg
2001Hamvadó cigarettavég
2002Szép halál voltVoice (final film role)

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