Tibor Scitovszky

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Tibor Scitovszky
Scitovszky Tibor 1924.jpg
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary
In office
15 November 1924 17 March 1925
Prime Minister István Bethlen
Preceded by István Bethlen
Succeeded by Lajos Walko
Personal details
Born(1875-06-21)21 June 1875
Nőtincs, Austria-Hungary
Died12 April 1959(1959-04-12) (aged 83)
Los Angeles, United States
Political partyUnity Party
Children Tibor Scitovsky
Profession politician

Tibor Scitovszky de Nagykér (21 June 1875 12 April 1959) was a Hungarian politician who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs between 1924 and 1925. [1] :211 He started his career in the Ministry of Trade after attending the university in Budapest and Paris. During the Treaty of Trianon he participated in the peace negotiations. He was the chairman of the Magyar Általános Hitelbank from 1944. When the communist regime nationalized the banks Scitovszky left the country and emigrated to the United States.

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