Tic:Toc Home Loans

Last updated
Tic:Toc Online Pty Ltd
Industry financial technology, financial services
Founded2015.. [1]
Headquarters Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Area served
Key people
Anthony Baum (Organizational founder and CEO)
Products Mortgages
Website www.tictoc.com.au

Tic:Toc, also known as Tic:Toc Home Loans, is an Australian FinTech company and non-bank home lender based in Adelaide, South Australia. [2] Founded in 2015, but launched to the public in July 2017, Tic:Toc offers automated digital home loans to consumers while selling their automation technology to other lending businesses. [3] [4] [5] Bendigo and Adelaide Bank are a major shareholder, owning a 27 percent stake in the business.


Tic:Toc was founded in 2015 by Anthony Baum, and secured seed funding in 2016 from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, who also provide the funds for Tic:Toc’s home loans. [1] [6] In March 2017, the company closed its Series A funding round, securing A$4.1 million in further funds from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. [1]

The company officially launched its home loan offering in July 2017. [7] In December 2017, Tic:Toc announced an expansion of services to include Tasmania, officially expanding their serviceable area to cover all states of Australia. [8]

Tic:Toc closed a Series B funding round in July 2018, raising A$11.5 million. [9] The raise was led by La Trobe Financial and Genworth Financial’s Australian arm, Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia. [9]

In November 2018, Tic:Toc announced it would offer their technology to Bendigo and Adelaide Bank as part of their first enterprise partnership. [10] In March 2019, Bendigo Bank launched Bendigo Express, a digital home loan white-labelled under the Bendigo Bank brand. [10]

On February 5 2020, Tic:Toc launched its first software offering, XAI Validate, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the validation of customer data. [5] [11]

In April 2021, Tic:Toc announced the launch of its second white-label partnership with Aussie Home Loans, branded as Aussie Online [5] [12]

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