Tic Toc Airport

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Tic Toc Airport
Airport type Private
Serves Chaitén, Chile
Elevation  AMSL 13 ft / 4 m
Coordinates 43°36′47″S72°53′50″W / 43.61306°S 72.89722°W / -43.61306; -72.89722 (Tic Toc Airport (Chaitén)) Coordinates: 43°36′47″S72°53′50″W / 43.61306°S 72.89722°W / -43.61306; -72.89722 (Tic Toc Airport (Chaitén))
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Location of Tic Toc Airport in Chile
Direction Length Surface
m ft
02/20 485 1,591 Grass
Source: Landings.com [1] HERE Maps [2] GCM [3]

Tic Toc Airport (Spanish : Aeropuerto Tic Toc, ( ICAO : SCHT)) is an isolated airstrip on an inlet off the Gulf of Corcovado in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. The nearest community is Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda (es) 18 kilometres (11 mi) to the south. Chaitén is 78 kilometres (48 mi) north of the airstrip.

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Gulf of Corcovado

Gulf of Corcovado is a large body of water separating the Chiloé Island from the mainland of Chile. Geologically, it is a forearc basin that has been carved out by Quaternary glaciers. Most of the islands of Chiloé Archipelago are located in the gulf. The area is next to the Chiloé National Park, and a large population of blue whales is found there, and it is under threat from salmon farming.


There is mountainous terrain east through south of the runway, and rising terrain in all quadrants except west, over the gulf.

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Transport in Chile

Transport in Chile is mostly by road. The south of the country is not connected to central Chile by road, except through Argentina, and water transport also plays a part there. The railways were historically important in Chile, but now play a relatively small part in the country's transport system. Because of the country's geography and long distances between major cities, aviation is also important.

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Chaitén Airfield was an airport serving Chaitén, a town in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. The airport was damaged and closed after the 2008 eruption of Chaitén Volcano.

El Amarillo Airport Spanish: Aeropuerto El Amarillo, is an airstrip 21 kilometres (13 mi) east of Chaitén, a town in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. The Carretera Austral runs through the hamlet of El Amarillo, and passes the south end of the runway.

Vodudahue Airport Spanish: Aeropuerto Vodudahue, is an airstrip 56 kilometres (35 mi) northeast of Chaitén, a town in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. The airstrip is in the valley of the Vodudahue River, 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) east of where the river empties into the Comau Fjord. The valley extends eastward into Pumalín Park.

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La Viña Airport Spanish: Aeropuerto La Viña, is an airstrip serving Guangualí (es), a village in the Coquimbo Region of Chile. The airstrip sits on a bluff above the Quilimarí River valley, 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) inland from the Pacific coast.

Arquilhue Airport Spanish: Aeropuerto Arquilhue, is an airstrip at Arquilhue, a village in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. Arquilhue is 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of Llifén.

Los Alerces Airport is an airstrip 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) north-northeast of Chaitén, a coastal city in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. The airstrip is in an open mountain valley 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) north of the Chaitén volcano caldera.

Juan Kemp Airport, is an airstrip on the southern shore of Rupanco Lake in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. The nearest town is Entre Lagos, 30 kilometres (19 mi) northwest on neighboring Puyehue Lake.

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Río Bravo Airport is an airstrip 36 kilometres (22 mi) southeast of Caleta Tortel in the Aysén Region of Chile. The airstrip serves settlements along the Estero Mitchell, one of the many channels leading to the Pacific Ocean.

Vicuña Airport Spanish: Aeropuerto de Vicuña or El Indio Airport, is an extremely high elevation airstrip 66 kilometres (41 mi) east-northeast of Vicuña, Coquimbo, Chile.


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