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Tical (unit)

The tical is a unit of mass historically used in Mainland Southeast Asia, particularly in the predecessor states of Myanmar, where it is known as the kyat (kyattha), and of Cambodia and Thailand, where it is known as the baht (bat). It formed the basis of the modern currencies the Myanmar kyat and the Thai baht, as well as the historical Cambodian tical, which were originally valued as the unit's weight of silver. It remains in widespread use in Myanmar, where it is approximately equivalent to 16.33 grams (0.576 oz), and in the gold trade in Thailand, where it is defined as 15.244 grams (0.5377 oz) for bullion and 15.16 grams (0.535 oz) for jewellery. For other uses, the baht is defined in Thailand as exactly 15 grams (0.5291 oz).