Tichá dohoda

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Tichá dohoda
Also known as2Wings
Origin Czech Republic
Genres Alternative rock
Years active1986 (1986)–1999 (1999)

Tichá dohoda was a Czech alternative rock band, which existed from 1986 to 1999. The band was led by songwriter, guitarist and producer Dan Šustr and lead vocalist Blanka Šrůmová. They were known in the Czech pop music scene of the late 1990s for their outspoken attitudes to sex and drugs. They had eight hits in the Czech Republic, several local Grammy award nominations, and released the first Czech unplugged record in 1994, entitled UnplugGag, before being dropped by Sony Music after the release of their last album, Válcovna vkusu s.r.o. (Public Image Mill Plant ltd.), in 1998.


The band members reunited in 2006 under the name 2Wings. [1] [2]


TD featuring Phil Shoenfelt

Blanka and the Shroom Party (experimental electronic project by Dan Šustr and Blanka Šrůmová)

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Bontonfilm is a Czech film company. It was founded in 1994 by transformation from Lucernafilm Video.

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