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Tichý (feminine form: Tichá) is a Czech surname. People named Tichý include:

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Kleť Observatory astronomical observatory in the Czech Republic

Kleť Observatory is an astronomical observatory in the Czech Republic. It is situated in South Bohemia, south of the summit of Mount Kleť, near the town of České Budějovice. Constructed in 1957, the observatory is at an altitude of 1,070 metres (3,510 ft) and has around 150 clear nights per year.

Miloš Tichý Czech astronomer

Miloš Tichý is a Czech astronomer.

Jana Tichá Czech astronomer

Jana Tichá is a Czech astronomer and discoverer of minor planets. She studied at the University of Economics in Prague and graduated in 1987. In 1992 she was selected for the position of a director of the Kleť Observatory.

Zdeněk Moravec is a Czech astronomer and astrophysicist.

Hájek is a Czech surname, which means "a person from a grove". Its feminine equivalent is Hájková. The surname may refer to:

Jiří Tichý Czech footballer

Jiří Tichý was a Czech football player.

6470 Aldrin, provisional designation 1982 RO1, is a stony Flora asteroid from the inner regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 3 kilometers in diameter.

Jindra may refer to:

Kovář is a Czech surname.

Vávra is a Czech-language surname. Notable people include:

Ticha may refer to:

The surname Tichy may refer to:

Jindra Tichá is a Czech-born academic and writer living in New Zealand. In 2012, she was voted the 11th most influential Czech expatriate by the Czech public.

Events from the year 2016 in the Czech Republic

Carlucci is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Zdena Tichá is a Czech rower. She competed in the women's coxless pair event at the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Martin Tichý is a Czech rower. He competed in the men's quadruple sculls event at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Zdena may refer to: