Tick Tock (Beat The Clock)

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"Qing Chun Dou 青春鬥 (Youth Bucket)"
Single by Rainie Yang
from the album Rainie & Love...?
Released1 January 2010
Genre Mandopop
Label Sony
Producer(s) Jamie Hsueh 薛忠銘
Music video
"Tick Tock (Beat The Clock)" on YouTube
"Koi no Mahō"
Single by Rainie Yang
Released27 January 2010
Genre J-pop
Label Sony
Music video
"Koi no Mahō" ("恋の魔法") [Tick Tock] Japanese version) on YouTube

"Qing Chun Dou" 青春鬥 (Youth Bucket), Chinese title of Tick Tock (Beat The Clock) is a song by Taiwanese singer and actress Rainie Yang, written by Roxanne Seeman, Kine Ludvigsen-Fossheim, and Olav Fossheim. It is the fourth single from Rainie Yang's studio album Rainie & Love...?, released by Sony Music Entertainment on January 1, 2010. [1]


Rainie & Love...? has been certified platinum by Recording Industry Foundation in Taiwan (RIT) with sales of 50,000 units, making it one of Taiwan's best selling albums. The Japanese version "Koi no Mahō" of "Qing Chun Dou" was released in Japan on January 27, 2010. It was included in the Japanese celebration edition released on February 5, 2010. [2]

"Qing Chun Dou", "青春鬥 (Youth Bucket)", was featured in the hit Taiwanese TV drama Hi My Sweetheart starring Rainie Yang and Show Lo.


In 2009, the newly formed South Korean girl group 4Minute with Hyun-a of The Wonder Girls, recorded a Korean-language version of "Tick Tock". When 4Minute did not release "Tick Tock", Rainie Yang recorded a Mandarin language version entitled "Qing Chun Dou" and a Japanese-language version entitled "Koi no Mahō".

Music video

An official music video for "Qing Chun Dou (Youth Bucket)" was released by Sony in January 2010. It describes a girl's youth being chased by time throughout her life. Rainie Yang, the main character, shows her dance in this MV, which, according to her, "seems to be filming a martial arts scene, but it was a lot of fun." [1] [3]

Live performances and usage in other media

Appearance on compilation albums

Tick Tock (Beat the Clock) was included in the Compilation album Whimsical World Collection. [4] The album included 35 hit singles by Rainie Yang and 3 unreleased songs. [4]

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