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A signboard near the station of Ticlio. The green sign says, in Spanish: "TICLIO - TOURISM PLACE / 4818 m AMSL / World's highest railroad crossing" Ticlio railway pass.jpg
A signboard near the station of Ticlio. The green sign says, in Spanish: "TICLIO - TOURISM PLACE / 4818 m AMSL / World's highest railroad crossing"

Ticlio (or Anticona) is a mountain pass and the highest point of the central road of Peru (km 120), in the Andes mountains, reaching a height of 4,818 metres (15,807 ft). It used to be a railway crossing loop on the Ferrocarril Central Andino (FCCA) in Peru, whose main claim to fame was being the highest railway junction in the world. The railway now crosses the pass through the nearby Galera Summit Tunnel at a lower elevation of 4,783 m (15,692 ft) and enters a different valley than the highway on the eastern side of the pass.



Ticlio Station lies at km 171 of the 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge FCCA about 2 km (1.2 miles) from the highway summit at the western end of Galera Summit Tunnel. From 1893 to 1921, it was the junction for the now-closed branch to Morococha. FCCA is an active freight and passenger line (FCCA offers several tourist trips per month from Lima to Huancayo). On the railway approach to Ticlio from the direction of Lima, eight tunnels were necessary in a stretch of less than 3.2 km (2 miles).

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The Denver, South Park, and Pacific Railroad was a historic 3 ft narrow gauge railroad that operated in Colorado in the western United States in the late 19th century. The railroad opened up the first rail routes to a large section of the central Colorado mining district in the decades of the mineral boom. The railroad took its name from the fact that its main line from Denver ascended the Platte Canyon and traversed South Park. Founded in 1872 by Colorado Governor John Evans, the company was purchased by the Union Pacific Railway in 1880, though it continued to be operated independently. The line went bankrupt in 1889 and was reorganized under the new moniker the Denver, Leadville and Gunnison Railway. When the Union Pacific went bankrupt in 1893, the DL&G lines went into receivership and were eventually sold to the Colorado and Southern Railway. In the first half of the 20th century, nearly all the company's original lines were dismantled or converted into 4 ft 8+12 instandard gauge. The last train to run the old DSP&P tracks was from Como, Colorado on April 11, 1937. A section of the standard gauge line between Leadville and Climax is still operated as a passenger excursion railroad called the Leadville, Colorado and Southern Railroad. At its peak the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad had 335 miles (539 km) of narrow gauge line, making it the largest narrow gauge railroad in the state of Colorado.

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Galera railway station

Galera is the third highest railway station in the Western Hemisphere with an elevation of 4,781 m (15,681 ft).

Rail transport in Peru Overview of rail transport in Peru

Rail transport in Peru has a varied history. Peruvian rail transport has never formed a true network, primarily comprising separate lines running inland from the coast and built according to freight need rather than passenger need.

Ferrocarril Central Andino

Ferrocarril Central Andino (FCCA) is the consortium which operates the Ferrovías Central railway in Peru linking the Pacific port of Callao and the capital Lima with Huancayo and Cerro de Pasco. As one of the Trans-Andean Railways it is the second highest in the world constructed by the Polish engineer Ernest Malinowski in 1871–1876.

Tanggula railway station Railway station in Tibet

The Tanggula (Dangla) railway station is a railway station located in Amdo County, Tibet Autonomous Region, China, near the border with the Tanggula Town, Qinghai Province. The railway station has three tracks, one of them served by a platform, and another one served by a very short stub platform.

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U.S. Route 395 (US 395) is a United States Numbered Highway, stretching from Hesperia, California to the Canadian border in Laurier, Washington. The California portion of US 395 is a 557-mile (896 km) route which traverses from Interstate 15 (I-15) in Hesperia, north to the Oregon state line in Modoc County near Goose Lake. The route clips into Nevada, serving the cities Carson City and Reno, before returning to California.

Santa Teresa District District in Cusco, Peru

Santa Teresa District is one of ten districts of the La Convención Province in the Cusco Region of Peru.

Torpantau railway station

Torpantau railway station is a station in the Welsh county of Brecknockshire, and the northern terminus of the narrow gauge Brecon Mountain Railway.

Yuraqqucha (Lima-Junín)

Yuraqqucha is a mountain in the Andes of Peru, about 5,100 metres (16,732 ft) high. It is located in the Junín Region, Yauli Province, Morococha District, and in the Lima Region, Huarochirí Province, Chicla District. Yuraqqucha lies northwest of a lake named Waqraqucha, the Antikuna mountain pass and the peak of Antikuna. Anta Q'asa, Sillaqaqa, Inka Kancha and Pukaqucha are situated west, southwest and northwest of Yuraqqucha.

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The Parsik Tunnel is a 1.31678 km (0.81821 mi) long electrified dual-line railway tunnel which locates in Parsik Hill of Thane, Maharashtra, India, lies east to the Thane city, and also a part of Central line.


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