Tidy (album)

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Studio album by Kinnie Starr
Released 1996

Tidy is an album by Kinnie Starr, released in 1996 on Violet Inch Records.

Kinnie Starr Canadian musician

Alida Kinnie Starr is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Her music, which blends hip hop and alternative rock, has been described as "hip hop aggro groove". Her songs have been included on the soundtracks for the TV series The L Word and the movie Thirteen. She was nominated for the Juno Award for New Artist of the Year in 2004.

Track listing

  1. "Grandma's Bicycle"
  2. "Ophelia"
  3. "Stiff Sour Lemon Rind"
  4. "Loons"
  5. "Um...Ah..."
  6. "Spring Again"
  7. "Rime Gone Wrong"
  8. "Woven"
  9. "Month of Trickery"
  10. "Simple"
  11. "Praise!"

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