Tiempos compulsivos

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Tiempos compulsivos is an Argentine miniseries, produced by Pol-Ka. It received the 2013 Tato award for best miniseries. [1]

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Jorge Lanata Argentine journalist and writer

Jorge Lanata is an Argentine journalist and writer, born in Mar del Plata in 1960. He founded the leftist Argentine newspaper Pagina 12 in 1987 and co-founded the daily newspaper Crítica de la Argentina on March 2, 2008, and was its director until April 4, 2009. His grandfather was Agustín Lanata, a well known footballer of the second decade of the 20th century.

Norma Aleandro Argentine actress, screenwriter and theatre director

Norma Aleandro Robledo is an international award-winning Argentine actress, screenwriter, theatre director and author. She is considered as one of the best and most celebrated Argentine actresses and is recognized as a cultural icon.

Adrián Suar Argentine actor productor

Adrián Kirzner Schwartz, better known as Adrián Suar is an American-born Argentine actor, media producer and businessman, better known as the programme director of Canal 13.

Juan Minujín is an Argentine actor.

Julio Chávez is an Argentine film and television actor.

<i>Graduados</i> television series

Graduados is a 2012 Argentine telenovela which was broadcast by Telefe from March 12 to December 19. The plot concerns a group of people who graduated from high school in 1989 and reunite twenty years later. The main character, Andrés Goddzer, discovers that María Laura Falsini was pregnant in 1989 and married Pablo Catáneo, who thought that he was the child's father. The resulting parental dispute, the love triangle of the main characters and 1980s nostalgia are frequent plot elements, and story arcs related to school bullying and LGBT rights are also featured. The frequent flashbacks of the characters to their high-school days use the same actors, playing teenagers.

<i>Periodismo para todos</i> television series

Periodismo para todos is an Argentine investigative journalism television program. It is hosted by the journalist Jorge Lanata, and aired on Sunday nights in eltrece. It was highly critical of the presidency of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. In 2013, it won several Martín Fierro Awards including best news TV program and best journalistic work for Jorge Lanata. During Kirchner's presidency, it was censored in several provinces of Argentina with governors aligned with the president: Tucumán, Formosa Mendoza and Río Negro.

The Tato Awards are Argentine awards for television, released by the CAPIT. The award is named "Tato" as an homage to the late Tato Bores. First released in 2009, the jury is composed of 843 professionals of the Argentine television. The 52 items voted by more than 2,500 industry professionals and specialized journalists cover the cycles of unitary and daily fiction of 2017's award.

AM, Antes del Mediodia was a television current affairs and Argentine varieties, is issued Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 12:00. issued by Telefe. It is presented by Verónica Lozano and Leonardo Montero.

Roberto Luis Carnaghi Fernández is an Argentine actor who has appeared in 44 films, about 60 plays, more than 50 television programmes, and nearly 100 advertisements.

En terapia is an Argentine dramatic TV miniseries and a remake of BeTipul and In Treatment. It was broadcast between 2012 and 2014 on Argentine Public Television. Diego Peretti stars in all seasons as the protagonist, the psychiatrist Guillermo Montes. The tagline for the series was "El está escuchando".

<i>Farsantes</i> television series

Farsantes is a 2013 Argentine legal drama. The main actors are Julio Chávez, Facundo Arana, Griselda Siciliani, Benjamín Vicuña and Alfredo Casero.

Carlos Belloso Argentine actor

Carlos Belloso is an Argentine actor. He has worked in Pol-Ka telenovelas such as Campeones de la vida, You Are the One and Los únicos. He played the Green Goblin in the Argentine adaption of the Spider-Man musical.

Muriel Santa Ana Argentine actress

Muriel Santa Ana is an Argentine actress. She works in the TV series Solamente Vos.

Cocineros argentinos Cooking program from Argentina

Cocineros argentinos is an Argentine Cooking show, hosted by Guillermo Calabrese. It is aired at the TV pública channel since 2009. It won the 2013 Tato award as best TV program of services.

Animales sueltos is an Argentine talk show TV program. It is hosted by Alejandro Fantino and aired by América TV since 2009.

Bendita, formerly Bendita TV, is an Argentine talk show, aired by Canal 9. It is hosted by Beto Casella. Journalist Lola Cordero is a regular panelist.

Reynaldo Sietecase is an Argentine journalist. He works at the TV news Telefe Noticias, and won the 2013 Tato award for best journalist work.

Santiago del Moro is an Argentine TV host. He has won the 2013 Tato award as best male TV host for his work in Infama.

Verónica Lozano is an Argentine actress and TV host.


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