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Tiff’s Treats
IndustryFood and drink
FoundedJanuary 25, 1999;20 years ago (1999-01-25) in Austin, Texas, U.S.
  • Leon Chen
  • Tiffany Chen
Area served
Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee
Number of employees
1000 (2019)
Website www.cookiedelivery.com

Tiff’s Treats is a privately held U.S. bakery and delivery chain [1] based in Austin, Texas. [2] It is known for being the first U.S. bakery to offer an on-demand warm cookie delivery service. [3] [4]


Early years

Co-founders Leon Chen and wife Tiffany Chen (née Taylor) met while in junior high school and later attended the University of Texas. [5] In 1999, during their sophomore year of college, Chen and Taylor began Tiffany’s Treats. The company changed its name to Tiff’s Treats in 2003 after settling with jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. over a copyright dispute. [6]


After graduating from the University of Texas, Chen and Taylor focused exclusively on Tiff's Treats. The business initially lost $15,000 during its first year of operation. [7] However, it later became profitable and operations were moved to a stand-alone storefront in central Austin in 2003. [8] A second location in Dallas, Texas was opened in 2006. [9] As of November 2019, Tiff's Treats operates 54 storefronts in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas, and employs over 1,000 individuals. [10] All the stores are company owned. [11]

Tiff's Treats has raised over $50 million in outside investments [12] [13] [14] including $11 million from Dallas-based CIC Partners, [15] $25 million from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, [16] and additional funding from Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. [17] Salem Investment Partners has also invested in the company's expansion. [18]

In 2018, Tiff's Treats acquired cookie-delivery company, Jake's Bakes. [19] In October 2018, Tiff’s Treats launched a series of online commercials starring former tennis player Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker, an actress and model. [20] [21] As brand ambassadors, they star in ads, attend events, and participate in philanthropic efforts. [22]

In 2019, Tiff's Treats introduced a "take and bake" kit, allowing customers to bake the cookies at home. [23] Also in 2019, the bakery released a non-cookie menu item, Tiff's trio, which includes three kinds of brownies. This was the first non-cookie addition to the menu since 2012. [24]


Tiff's Treats uses proprietary software to handle its baked-to-order process to ensure cookies are delivered warm. [25]

In 2017, Tiff’s Treats launched a mobile app for customers to place and track orders and repeat orders. [26] In September 2018, Tiff's Treats added CookieVision, an augmented reality experience, to the mobile app, where customers can send personalized video messages and view animations with every box of cookies. [27]


Since 2008, Tiff’s Treats donates proceeds to local charities and organizations, including Texas Children's Hospital, the Texas Food Bank, [28] Make A Wish of Central & South Texas, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Susan G Komen Foundation of Dallas County, the Texas Rangers Foundation [29] [30] [31] , and Sydney's Song. [32]

To mark the 20th anniversary of the bakery, Tiff's Treats partnered with local non-profit organizations where stores are located, donating 10% of sales of every box of cookies sold. [33]

Awards, Recognition, Sponsorships

Tiff's Treats was a sponsor of the 2019 Austin Music Awards. [34] The bakery is also the sponsor of the University of the Incarnate Word athletic department, [35] and the Junior Leagues of Austin [36] of Atlanta. [37]

Tiff's Treats has won eight Austin-based awards including Best Deliveries (2019), Best Desserts (2014 & 2013), Best Sweets/Goodies (2012, 2010, 2009, 2008). [38]

2008: "We Get it Award," Domain Name Wire [39]

2015: Austin's Best CFO Award [40]

2018: Best of Atlanta, National Cookie Day, #1 [41]

2018: Excellence in Customer Service Award [42]

2019: Nasdaq Consumer Product Award, Austin Chamber of Commerce, Greater Austin Business Awards [43]

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