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A basic card display mosaic tifo at Montreal's old Claude Robillard Centre ground. Close tifo.jpg
A basic card display mosaic tifo at Montreal's old Claude Robillard Centre ground.

Tifo (pronounced  [ˈtiːfo] ) is the phenomenon whereby tifosi of a sports team makes a visual display of any choreographed flag, sign or banner in the stands of a stadium, mostly as part of an association football match. [1]


Tifos are most commonly seen in important matches, local derbies and rivalries, and although the tradition originated at club teams, some national teams also have fans that organise tifos on a regular basis. [2] Tifos are primarily arranged by ultras or a supporter club to show their love to the club, [3] [4] [5] but are sometimes sponsored or arranged by the club itself.


The tifo culture, like the origin of its name, has its roots in Italy and Southern Europe, and has a strong presence in Eastern Europe. It has much in common with the ultras culture and appeared at the same time in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Tifos, while highly prevalent in Europe, have become more widespread and more common in all parts of the world where association football is played.[ citation needed ]

Some tifos are political and controversial, as observed in Poland. [6]

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The 2016 Portland Timbers season was the sixth season for the Portland Timbers in Major League Soccer (MLS), the top-flight professional soccer league in the United States and Canada. The Timbers began this season as 2015 MLS Cup champions, but failed to qualify for the 2016 playoffs after a 4–1 away defeat to the Vancouver Whitecaps on the final league day, also resulting in them failing to win the Cascadia Cup.

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The East Bengal Ultras is the vocal supporters' group of an Indian football club, SC East Bengal, which competes in the ISL—the top tier football league in India. The group is also often referred to as the Bangal Brigade since much of its fanbase originates from the East Bengal region. Founded in 2013, it was the first Ultras group in Indian football and has been credited with revolutionising the Indian football fan movement. East Bengal Ultras was the first supporters' group in India to organise an on-field pyrotechnics show and the first in South Asia to organise a live chant show, which was named Tunes of Colony, in 2019. The group has around 25 chants and slogans.

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Blue Pilgrims Organised group of football fans who supports India national men and women teams.

Blue Pilgrims is an organised group of football fans who support the India national football men's team, women's team, and all the other age–group national teams at almost every home and away game. Founded in 2017 before the commencement of the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup, which was held in India, the group based their name on the nickname of the national team, the "Blue Tigers". They consider travelling with the national teams to wherever the teams play as their pilgrimage. They often display flags, banners, and tifos in support of the national team.


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