Tiga guérisseur

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Tiga guérisseur
Directed byRasmane Tiendrebeogo
Produced byAtelier Graphoui
Screenplay byRasmane Tiendrebeogo, Patrick Theunen
Music byFoofango
CinematographyPatrick Theunen
Edited byPatrick Theunen
Release date
  • 2001 (2001)
Running time
6 minutes
Burkina Faso

Tiga guérisseur is a 2001 Burkinabé film.


Tiga is in his thirties and tries out different jobs but finds them to be too exhausting or grubby. He has the idea of becoming a healer. Certain that he will become rich easily, Tiga invents his own magic potions. All goes well until the day a suspicious woman makes him drink his own potion first.

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