Tiger Bay (album)

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Tiger Bay
Tiger Bay original album cover.jpg
Original album cover
Studio album by
Released28 February 1994 (1994-02-28)
RecordedSummer – Autumn 1993
Genre Alternative dance, house, techno, ambient, electronica, folk
Label HeavenlyHVNLP8
Producer Saint Etienne
Saint Etienne chronology
You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone
Tiger Bay
Too Young to Die – Singles 1990–1995
Singles from Tiger Bay
  1. "Pale Movie"
    Released: February 1994
  2. "Like a Motorway"
    Released: 16 May 1994
  3. "Hug My Soul"
    Released: 19 September 1994
Reissue album art (1996)
featuring Giuditta del Vecchio (from the film Léolo )

Tiger Bay is the third studio album by English indie dance band Saint Etienne. It was released 28 February 1994 by Heavenly Records. In an interview with Record Collector , band member Bob Stanley stated that the title is a reference to the 1959 film Tiger Bay . [1]


The album is described by Bob Stanley as "an album of modern folk songs done in twentieth century styles like techno and dub". [2] "Like a Motorway", for example, blends Kraftwerk-style techno with the melody from the nineteenth century folk song "Silver Dagger". Some of the songs, such as "Marble Lions" and "Former Lover" forsake electronics for classical folk instrumentation and orchestral arrangements. One, "Western Wind", is a traditional English folk song.


The band wrote most of the songs in the Forest of Dean, in the hope that the countryside would inspire folk ideas. The original intention was for all the songs to be about death. [2]


Tiger Bay was released in the UK in June 1994. The original cover art is James Clarke Hook's "Welcome Bonny Boat", doctored to include the band members. [3]

The American edition of the album replaced the UK cover art with a photograph of the band smartly dressed at a table. It does not include the "Western Wind"/"Tankerville" suite. In place of the cut songs is the single "I Was Born On Christmas Day" and remixes by Daniel Abraham of "Hug My Soul" and "Like a Motorway".

Tiger Bay was reissued in 1996 by Creation Records, in part because of Saint Etienne's absence from the music scene, but also because of their formal move to Creation Records. The reissue featured another new cover, this time showing Giuditta del Vecchio (from the film Léolo ); the back shows a picture of the group. The inner sleeve was updated, and includes a short commentary on the album by journalist and friend of the group Simon Price, as well as a new selection of photographs with a summery theme. The album itself features a slightly shuffled track listing. "Marble Lions" is moved to appear after "Pale Movie". The second occurrence of "Western Wind" is removed completely; instead "Tankerville" fades into "Boy Scouts of America". "Former Lover" is also edited, although less noticeably, with only the opening guitar chords being removed. The reissue also features four extra tracks – "I Buy American Records", "Grovely Road", "Hate your Drug" and the single edit of "He's on the Phone".

In 2010 the album was re-released once more. The new deluxe version reinstates the original sleeve art and includes a booklet with an interview with Bob Stanley and additional bonus disc containing a number of demos and all of the b-sides.


Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar half.svg [4]
Chicago Tribune Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svg [5]
Entertainment Weekly B+ [6]
Mojo Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svg [7]
Music & Media Favorable [8]
Q Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svg [9]
Record Collector Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svg [10]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [11]
Select 4/5 [12]
Vox 8/10 [13]

The British release of Tiger Bay was commercially successful and reached #8 [14] on the UK Album Chart. Three singles were released, but none matched the popularity of those from their previous album. The first, "Pale Movie", peaked at No. 28. [14] "Like a Motorway" was more disappointing, missing the top forty completely and making only No. 47. [14] "Hug My Soul" was released as a two-disc set and managed better, peaking at No. 32. [14]

"Hug My Soul" was the only single that charted in the US and reached No. 40 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

In a 2009 interview, Bob Stanley said that in retrospect the band should have included some more obvious singles on Tiger Bay, to be commercial: "it definitely could have done with a couple more obvious songs". He also acknowledged that the original cover was a commercial mistake. [15]

Track listing

CD: Heavenly / HVNLP8CD (UK)

All tracks are written by Stanley and Wiggs; except where indicated.

Original British Release
1."Urban Clearway" 3:58
2."Former Lover" 3:49
3."Hug My Soul"Batson, Cracknell, Male4:15
4."Like a Motorway" 5:42
5."On the Shore" 4:06
6."Marble Lions"Cracknell, Bund4:35
7."Pale Movie" 3:52
8."Cool Kids of Death" 5:49
9."Western Wind"Traditional, arranged by Stanley, Wiggs1:33
10."Tankerville" 4:01
11."Western Wind"Traditional, arranged by Stanley, Wiggs1:37
12."The Boy Scouts of America" 2:57

CD: Warner / 9 45634-2 (US)

American Release with group photo on front and different song line-up
1."Urban Clearway" 3:58
2."Hug My Soul"Batson, Cracknell, Male4:15
3."Former Lover" 3:49
4."Like a Motorway" 5:42
5."On The Shore" 4:06
6."Marble Lions"Cracknell, Bund4:35
7."Pale Movie" 3:52
8."Cool Kids of Death" 5:49
9."I Was Born on Christmas Day" Catt, Stanley, Wiggs3:11
10."The Boy Scouts of America" 2:57
11."Hug My Soul (Alternative Version)"Batson, Cracknell, Male4:23
12."Like a Motorway (Alternative Version)" 5:25

CD: Heavenly/Sony / 01-475962-11 (UK)

British re-release featuring Giuditta Del Vecchio (from the film Léolo) on the front cover and an amplified song order
1."Urban Clearway" 3:59
2."He's on the Phone"Cracknell, Daho, Stanley, Wiggs4:06
3."Former Lover" 3:37
4."I Buy American Records" 2:48
5."Hug My Soul"Batson, Cracknell, Male4:15
6."Like a Motorway" 5:43
7."Grovely Road" Catt, Cracknell3:38
8."On the Shore" 4:06
9."Pale Movie" 3:53
10."Hate Your Drug" 3:45
11."Marble Lions"Cracknell, Bund4:35
12."Cool Kids of Death" 5:46
13."Western Wind"Traditional, arranged by Stanley, Wiggs1:32
14."Tankerville" 3:52
15."The Boy Scouts of America" 3:10

CD: Heavenly / HVNLP8CDDE (United Kingdom)

Disc one
1."Urban Clearway" 3:58
2."Former Lover" 3:49
3."Hug My Soul"Batson, Cracknell, Male4:15
4."Like a Motorway" 5:42
5."On The Shore" 4:06
6."Marble Lions"Cracknell, Bund4:35
7."Pale Movie" 3:52
8."Cool Kids of Death" 5:49
9."Western Wind"/"Tankerville"/"Western Wind" (combined)Traditional, arranged by Stanley, Wiggs7:12
10."The Boy Scouts of America" 2:59
Disc two (Bonus)
1."Urban Clearway (Demo)" 5:32
2."Black Horse Latitude"Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs4:23
3."I Buy American Records" 2:52
4."Hate Your Drug" 3:50
5."You Know I'll Miss You When I'm Gone"Cracknell, Bund2:59
6."Sushi Rider"Cracknell, Bund2:58
7."Hug My Soul (Demo)"Batson, Cracknell, Male4:27
8."The Wedding of Stacy Dorning"Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs2:49
9."Deborah's French Feast" 2:18
10."Western Wind (Demo)"Traditional, arranged by Stanley, Wiggs3:58
11."Pale Movie (Demo)" 4:29
12."La Poupee Qui Fait Non (No No No)" Polnareff, Stephens3:59
13."Highgate Road Incident" 2:10
14."My Christmas Prayer" Fury 3:27
15."I Was Born on Christmas Day"Catt, Stanley, Wiggs3:12


Original credits (1994)

Alternate credits for American release

Additional credits for 1996 British re-release


from "Pale Movie"
from "Like a Motorway"
from "Hug My Soul"

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