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Tiger Media Limited
Film Production
Industry Entertainment, Music
Founded2014 (2014)
ProductsMotion pictures, music publishing
ServicesStudio production, marketing and distribution
Subsidiaries Dhallywood24
Website mytigernow.com

Tiger Media Limited; established in 2014 is a Bangladesh-based movie production and distribution company. It specializes in film production, and distribution. It has emerged as one of the leading production companies within a year by producing some of the biggest Bangladeshi Films of 2014. Tiger Media Limited also owns Dhallywood24; A news division based on Bangladeshi Cinema. [1]


Films produced and distributed by Tiger Media

Following are the list of notable films produced and distributed by Tiger Media Limited.

2014 Hero: The Superstar Bodiul Alam Khokon Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, Eamin Haque Bobby Music Lable
Kistimaat Ashiqur Rahman Arifin Shuvoo, Achol Akhe, Misha Sawdagor Produced and distributed
Shopno Je TuiMonirul Islam Mamnun Hasan Emon, Achol Distributed
2015Nogor MastanRakibul AlamShah Riaz,Zayed KhanDistributed
Gunda - The Terrorist Ispahani Arif Jahan Bappy Chowdhury Achol, Amrita KhanMusic Lable
Antaranga Chashi Nazrul Islam Emon Alisha Pradhan Distributed
Ajob PremWazed Ali Sumon Bappy Chowdhury Achol Music Lable
Warning Shafi Uddin Arifin Shuvoo, Mahiya Mahi Music Lable
Mission AmericaAshiqur RahmanShayar, Toma Mirza
2016 Sweetheart Wajed Ali Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique, Bappy Chowdhury, Bidya Sinha Saha Mim
Samraat: The King Is Here Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, Indraneil Sengupta Produced and distributed
Musafir Ashiqur Rahman Arifin Shuvoo, Marjan Jenifa, Misha Sawdagor Music Lable
2017 Dhaka Attack Dipankar Sengupta Arifin Shuvoo Mahiya Mahi Music Lable

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<i>Kistimaat</i> 2014 film by Ashiqur Rahman

Kistimaat is a 2014 Bangladeshi action film directed by Ashiqur Rahman and produced by Tiger Media Limited and The Abhi Pictures. The film features Arifin Shuvoo and Achol Akhe in lead roles while Misha Sawdagor plays the main antagonist in the film. The film is about a police officer and his fight against corruption. The film was released on Eid-ul-Adha, 6 October 2014, and was a commercial success. The movie was inspired by the 2010 Hindi film Dabangg.

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<i>Musafir</i> (2016 film) 2016 film by Ashiqur Rahman

Musafir is a 2016 Bangladeshi action-thriller film written and directed by Ashiqur Rahman. The film stars Arifin Shuvoo, Marjan Jenifa, Misha Sawdagor, Tiger Robi, Elias Kobra, Sohel Mondol, Rebeka Rouf, Anondo Khaled, Afzal Sharif, Shimul Khan, Jadu Azad and Cindy Rolling. Shuvoo plays an intelligence double agent, and a trained assassin of Secret Service Bangladesh (SSB) who is placed as a mole in target organization. The plot builds up around SSB's rescue operation of Zara, who has possession of many classified information wanted by Bangladesh's external enemies. Jenifa plays the role of Zara Mehjabin, a surveillance agent of SSB, suddenly disappeared with many classified documents of the agency. The plot takes an interesting turn when the target agency sends Shuvo to abduct Zara, not knowing that he is actually a SSB agent in disguise.

<i>Sweetheart</i> (2016 film) 2016 Bangladesh film

Sweetheart is a 2016 Bangladeshi romantic drama film written by S. Reza and directed by Wazed Ali. The film stars Bappy Chowdhury, Bidya Sinha Mim, Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique with Shampa Reza and Parveen Sultana Diti in supporting roles.

<i>Samraat: The King Is Here</i> 2016 film by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz

Samraat: The King Is Here is a 2016 Bangladeshi Bengali-language action crime thriller film directed by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz and produced by Tiger Media Limited in association with Orkee Production & CINEMAWALA. The film features Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, Indraneil Sengupta and Misha Sawdagor in lead roles. The first look teaser of the film was released on 6 August 2015 and official trailer released on 27 June 2016. The film narrates the fall of two notorious underworld mafia leaders. The film was released in Bangladesh on 7 July 2016.

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Ashiqur Rahman Bangladeshi filmmaker

Ashiqur Rahman is a Bangladeshi television director, film maker, and screenwriter. He has directed five action films: Kistimaat, Gangster Returns, Musafir, Operation Agneepath and Super Hero. He wrote all except Kistimaat.

Nayan-Apon Production,established in 2006, is an Bangladesh-based film production and distribution company founded by film director Montazur Rahman Akbar.

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