Tiger Mom (TV series)

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Tiger Mom
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Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 虎媽貓爸
Simplified Chinese 虎妈猫爸
Genre Comedy drama
Written byLi Xiao
Directed byYao Xiaofeng
Starring Zhao Wei
Tong Dawei
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes45
Production locationBeijing
Production company New Classics Media
Original network Dragon TV, Tianjin TV
Original release3 May (2015-05-03) 
25 May 2015 (2015-05-25)
Tiger Mom
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Literal meaningTiger Mother, Cat Father
1."Animal Forest (动物森林)" (Opening theme song) Christine Fan  
2."Tired (累)" (Ending theme song)Wang Gun 
3."Wont Return (不還)" Claire Kuo  
4."The Thousandth Tears (一千萬次的淚水)" Miu Zhu  


Salary & ROI

According to New Classic Media's IPO application, Zhao Wei's salary was 42.7925 million yuan, equally 1 million yuan per episode. And the ROI of the show was 300%. [3]


After the series, Shanghai Pudong New District Court receiving a case that a man sued Zhao Wei because her stares were too intense in the series. [4] The man alleged that Zhao's stare caused him "spiritual damage". [5]


Broadcast date [6] Episode Dragon TV CSM50 Tianjin TV CSM50
Ratings (%)Audience share (%)Rank Ratings (%)Audience share (%)Rank
May 310.7112.15940.6962.1125
May 42-31.0122.95430.6641.9445
May 54-51.1363.32520.6862.0194
May 66-71.0723.15320.7592.243
May 78-91.1203.26620.8672.5513
May 810-111.3083.67610.7862.2073
May 912-131.1253.18210.6711.8953
May 1014-151.2283.52520.8722.5013
May 1116-171.2693.57220.8892.5123
May 1218-191.1853.57320.7912.3833
May 1320-211.2633.80520.8002.4023
May 1422-231.2323.62620.7932.2373
May 1524-251.3363.8610.7822.2353
May 1626-271.1653.4120.7082.0555
May 1728-291.3954.00720.7972.2864
May 1830-311.4374.41820.8812.6213
May 1932-331.4804.44220.8222.4563
May 2034-351.4704.39820.7542.2534
May 2136-371.4394.2720.8802.6083
May 2238-391.6364.74510.9252.653
May 2340-411.7125.02510.9032.6353
May 2442-431.7475.18611.0473.0953
May 2544-451.8285.41411.13.2583
Average ratings1.37--0.82--

Awards and nominations

11th National Top-Notch Television Production Award Ceremony [7] Outstanding Television SeriesTiger MomWon
1st China Quality Television Drama CeremonyQuality Grand AwardWon
Audience Favorite TV Series (Dragon TV)Won
Most Commercially Valuable ActorTong DaweiWon
19th Huading Awards Best DirectorYao XiaofengWon
Top 10 DramasTiger MomWon
17th Huading Awards Best DirectorYao XiaofengNominated
Best ScreenwriterShen JieNominated
Best ActorTong DaweiWon
Best ActressZhao WeiNominated
Best Supporting ActorGuo KaiminWon
Best ProducerHuang Lan, Jing LeiWon
Top 10 DramasTiger MomWon
13th Sichuan Television Festival Best ActressZhao WeiNominated
10th China Audience Television FestivalTop Ten Favorite Television SeriesTiger MomWon
Top Ten Favorite ActorZhao WeiWon
20th Asian Television Awards Best ActressNominated
Best ActorTong DaweiNominated
22nd Shanghai Television Festival Best Television SeriesTiger MomNominated
Best DirectorYao XiaofengNominated
Best WritingShen JieNominated
Best ActressZhao WeiNominated
Best ActorTong DaweiNominated
Best Supporting ActressDong JieNominated
Best Supporting ActorHan TongshengNominated
6th Macau International Television Festival Best Supporting ActressCui XinqinWon
7th China TV Drama Awards Best Supporting ActressDong JieWon
2nd Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China [8] Best Television SeriesTiger MomWon

International broadcast

The series was picked up by Fox International Channels for global releases. [9]

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