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Tigerair Taiwan
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IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded2013;9 years ago (2013)
Commenced operations26 September 2014
Hubs Taoyuan International Airport
Fleet size15
Parent company China Airlines Group (100%) [1]

No3., Alley 123, Lane 405, Tunghwa N. Rd., Taipei,
10548. Taiwan


Key peopleKevin Chen (Chairman)

Steve Chang (General Manager) Dennis Lai (COO)

Tina Wang (CFO)
Website https://www.tigerairtw.com

Tigerair Taiwan (Chinese :臺灣虎航; pinyin :Táiwān Hǔháng) is a low-cost carrier (LCC) based at Taoyuan International Airport. It was formed as a joint venture between China Airlines Group and Budget Aviation Holdings.

Prior to 2016, China Airlines held 80 percent of the share while Budget Aviation Holdings and Mandarin Airlines each held 10 percent. [2] In 2017, as Tigerair Singapore merged into Scoot, CAPA reported that China Airlines had purchased Budget Aviation Holdings' 10% stake, leaving China Airlines and its subsidiary Mandarin Airlines as joint owners of the airline. [3] It is the only LCC in Taiwan following the collapse of TransAsia Airways and V Air in 2016 and also the only airline left with Tigerair branding, as Tigerair Australia and the rest had ceased operations by end of 2020.


Taiwan was the last major market in Asia to have a low-cost carrier (LCC). In early 2013, China Airlines and Transasia Airways became the first Taiwanese carriers to express interest in forming an LCC. The further reduction in entry barriers by the Civil Aeronautics Administration made it favorable for the creation of LCCs.

In October 2013, China Airlines chairman Sun Hung-Hsiang announced that the airline was in talks with a foreign LCC to start an LCC based in Taiwan. The partnership was made public in December 2013 when China Airlines created a new joint venture with Singaporean low-cost carrier Tigerair to establish Tigerair Taiwan. As part of the deal, China Airlines would hold a 90 percent share in the new carrier with Tiger Airways Holdings owning the other 10 percent. In March 2014, China Airlines subsidiary Mandarin Airlines took over 10% of its parent company's share in Tigerair Taiwan.

In September 2014, Tigerair Taiwan received an Air Operator's Certificate from the Civil Aeronautics Administration. The airline then commenced operations on 26 September 2014, with the first flight being from Taoyuan International Airport to Changi Airport.


Tigerair Taiwan Airbus A320-200 Tigerair Taiwan, A320-200, B-50006 (20868745700).jpg
Tigerair Taiwan Airbus A320-200

All Tigerair Taiwan aircraft wear the Tigerair group livery along while having the words "TAIWAN" painted onto the rear of the fuselage. The airline is the first international carrier to have the word 'Taiwan' as part of a corporate livery or a company name. [2]


Tigerair Taiwan serves the following destinations: [4]

Country / RegionCityAirportNotesRefs
Japan Asahikawa Asahikawa Airport [4]
Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport [4] [5]
Hanamaki Hanamaki Airport [4]
Ibaraki Ibaraki Airport [4]
Komatsu Komatsu Airport [4]
Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport [4] [5]
Naha Naha Airport [4] [6]
Niigata Niigata Airport [7]
Okayama Okayama Airport [4] [8]
Osaka Kansai International Airport [4] [9]
Saga Saga Airport [4]
Sapporo New Chitose Airport [4]
Sendai Sendai Airport [4] [10]
Tokyo Haneda Airport [4] [11]
Narita International Airport [4] [12]
Macau Macau Macau International Airport [4]
Philippines Cebu Mactan–Cebu International Airport Terminated [13]
Kalibo Kalibo International Airport [4]
Puerto Princesa Puerto Princesa International Airport [4] [14]
South Korea Busan Gimhae International Airport [4] [15]
Daegu Daegu International Airport [4] [16]
Jeju Jeju International Airport [4] [17]
Seoul Incheon International Airport [4]
Taiwan Kaohsiung Kaohsiung International Airport [4]
Taichung Taichung International Airport [4]
Taipei Taoyuan International Airport Hub [4] [18]
Thailand Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport [4]


As of July 2022, the Tigerair Taiwan fleet consists of the following aircraft: [19]

Tigerair Taiwan fleet
AircraftIn FleetOrdersPassengersNotes
Airbus A320-200 11180To be phased out from 2023.
To be replaced by Airbus A320neo.
Airbus A320neo 411 [20] 180Delivery starts in March 2021.

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