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Tigga may refer to:

Manoj Tigga is a Member of Legislative assembly from Madarihat constituency in West Bengal. In the West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, 2016, Tigga of BJP defeated his nearest rival Padam Lama of All India Trinamool Congress by 22,308.

Shanti Tigga is the first female jawan in the Indian Army. She joined when she was 35 and has had two children. Tigga was awarded the title of best trainee.

Torra Tigga railway station is located in Pakistan.

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Gossner Theological College is the only Theological Seminary of Jharkhand affiliated to Serampore College. It is owned by Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chotanagpur and Assam.

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Khunti Lok Sabha constituency is one of the fourteen Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituencies in Jharkhand state in Eastern India. This constituency is reserved for the candidates belonging to the Scheduled tribes. This constituency covers the entire Khunti and Simdega district and parts of Ranchi and Seraikela Kharsawan districts.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Raiganj diocese of the Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Raiganj is a diocese located in the city of Raiganj in the Ecclesiastical province of Calcutta in India.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Raigarh is a diocese located in the city of Raigarh in the Ecclesiastical province of Raipur in India.

Madarihat (Vidhan Sabha constituency) Vidhan Sabha constituency in West Bengal, India

Madarihat is an assembly constituency in Alipurduar district in the Indian state of West Bengal. The seat is reserved for scheduled tribes.

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Hamipur High School, established in 1947, is one of the oldest schools in Odisha, India. This educational institute is for boys from class VI to class X. It is located at Hamirpur, Rourkela near Hamirpur Catholic Cathedral Church. The school is administered by the Catholic Education Board of Rourkela and is affiliated to Board of Secondary Education, Odisha.

Simon Tigga was an Indian politician.He was elected to the Lok Sabha, lower house of the Parliament of India from Khunti ,Bihar as a member of the Indian National Congress.

In the Indian state of Jharkhand, films are produced in various regional and tribal languages including Hindi, Nagpuri, Khortha and Santali. Film industry in state of Jharkhand is also known as Jhollywood.

Boeadi’s roundleaf bat is a species of roundleaf bat found in Indonesia.