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Origin São Paulo, Brazil
Genres Hardcore punk, alternative metal, rapcore, reggae, ska
Years active1999 - 2017
Labels Virgin, Chaos, EMI, Arsenal, Universal, Building
Past membersEgypcio

Tihuana is a Brazilian rock band, formed in 1999 in São Paulo. Their musical influences include reggae, rap, rock, ska and Latin music. They have gained prominence outside Brazil recently due to their part in the soundtrack of Tropa de Elite .


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Contra Insetos Parasitas is the only release by Brazilian alternative rock band TH6. It was initially made available for streaming on the band's official Myspace page on July 28, 2008, and came out in physical format later on October 14. Produced by vocalist/guitarist/sole lyricist Marcão and Tadeu Patolla, it counted with numerous guest appearances by musicians such as Di Ferrero and Gee Rocha of NX Zero, Badauí of CPM 22, Tico Santa Cruz of Detonautas Roque Clube, Baía of Tihuana, Marcão's former Charlie Brown Jr. bandmates Champignon and Renato Pelado, and Pablo Silva, who had played alongside Champignon on his former project Revolucionnários. A music video was later made for the track "Mesmo Lugar".

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