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Tiina Wilén-Jäppinen (26 February 1963 4 December 2016) was a Finnish politician for the Social Democratic Party. An Imatra native, she served as a member of the city council for the municipality from 2001, and later as chairwoman of the city council from 2009 until her death. She was married with two children.

Wilén-Jäppinen was shot and killed along with two journalists on 4 December 2016 at the Imatra shopping centre. She was 53. [1] [2]

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Imatra shooting Shooting incident in Imatra, Finland, on 3-4 December 2016

The Imatra shooting occurred on 4 December 2016 in the Finnish town of Imatra when Jori Juhani Lasonen, a 23-year-old Imatra resident, shot three people dead in the town centre.

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