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Tijs Tinbergen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈtɛis ˈtɪnˌbɛrɣə(n)] ; born c. 3 July 1947 in Hulshorst  [ af; fr; nl ]) [1] is a Dutch filmmaker.

Tinbergen graduated with honors from the Netherlands Film Academy in 1975. [2] He primarily produces documentaries, usually in collaboration with the producer Jan Musch. In 2009, he won the Golden Calf award for his film Rotvos. [3]

Tinbergen is the son of Tilde Frensdorf (1922–2014) and the ornithologist Luuk Tinbergen (1915–1955). He is the nephew of the Nobel Prize-winning brothers Jan and Niko Tinbergen.

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