Tikehau Airport

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Tikehau Airport

Aéroport de Tikehau
Airport typePublic
OperatorSEAC Polynésie Française [1]
Elevation  AMSL 6 ft / 2 m
Coordinates 15°07′10.92″S148°14′0.96″W / 15.1197000°S 148.2336000°W / -15.1197000; -148.2336000 Coordinates: 15°07′10.92″S148°14′0.96″W / 15.1197000°S 148.2336000°W / -15.1197000; -148.2336000
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Airplane silhouette.svg
Location of the airport in French Polynesia
Direction LengthSurface

Tikehau Airport is an airport on Tikehau atoll in French Polynesia ( IATA : TIH, ICAO : NTGC). The airport is located 1 km southeast of Tuherahera. It was inaugurated in 1977. In 2009, 41,817 passengers transited through Tikehau. [2]


The airport has minimal services: there is no runway lighting system for landing at night, no instrument approach and no control tower. [3]

Airlines and destinations


Air Tahiti Bora Bora, Manihi, Papeete, Raiatea, Rangiroa

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