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Tikhon Sergeyevich Chicherin (Russian : Ти́хон Серге́евич Чиче́рин, French : Tikhon Sergeyevich Tschitscherine; 1869–1904) was a Russian entomologist who specialised in Coleoptera, especially Carabidae.

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Tikhon of Zadonsk was a Russian Orthodox bishop and spiritual writer whom the Eastern Orthodox Church glorified (canonized) as a saint.

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Tikhon of Moscow, born Vasily Ivanovich Bellavin, was a bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). On 5 November 1917 (OS) he was selected the 11th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, after a period of about 200 years of the Synodal rule in the ROC. He was canonised as a confessor by the ROC in 1989.

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The irmos in the Byzantine liturgical tradition is the initial troparion of an ode of a canon. The meter and melody of an irmos is followed by the remaining troparia of the ode; when more than one canon is used, only the first canon's irmos is sung, but the irmoi of the subsequent canons must be known in order to determine an ode's melody and so, even in canons where it is known that the irmos is never sung, the irmos is nonetheless specified. Note that in the Russian tradition, often only the irmos is sung, the rest of the ode simply being read; in Greek parishes, often the remaining troparia are simply eliminated, but in non-Russian traditions, all troparia of a canon are sung

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Peter of Krutitsy, was a Russian Orthodox bishop and martyr. From April 12 till December 9, 1925 he was the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, serving as the patriarchal locum tenens. Despite his imprisonment, he remained technically locum tenens until his death in 1937.

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