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The ski resort of Tikjda Village de Tikjda W. Bouira.jpg
The ski resort of Tikjda
The ski resort of Tikjda. Tikjdar.jpg
The ski resort of Tikjda.
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Fun in Tikjda.

Tikjda is a ski resort located in a mountain range named Djurdjura, northern Algeria, with an altitude of 1,600 metres (5,250 feet), in the province of Bouïra.

Ski resort Resort developed for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports

A ski resort is a resort developed for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. In Europe, most ski resorts are towns or villages in or adjacent to a ski area – a mountainous area with pistes and a ski lift system. In North America, it is more common for ski areas to exist well away from towns, so ski resorts usually are destination resorts, often purpose-built and self-contained, where skiing is the main activity.

Djurdjura mountain in Algeria

The Djurdjura or Jurjura Range is a mountain range of the Tell Atlas, part of the Atlas Mountain System. It is located in Kabylie, Algeria.

Algeria Country in North Africa

Algeria, officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The capital and most populous city is Algiers, located in the far north of the country on the Mediterranean coast. With an area of 2,381,741 square kilometres (919,595 sq mi), Algeria is the tenth-largest country in the world, the world's largest Arab country, and the largest in Africa. Algeria is bordered to the northeast by Tunisia, to the east by Libya, to the west by Morocco, to the southwest by the Western Saharan territory, Mauritania, and Mali, to the southeast by Niger, and to the north by the Mediterranean Sea. The country is a semi-presidential republic consisting of 48 provinces and 1,541 communes (counties). It has the highest human development index of all the non-island African countries.

In the summers, Tikjda offers walks, rock climbing and many short excursions, with places like Point de vue du Djurdjura and Gouffre de l'Akouker. The area around Tikjda has many peaks and hillsides covered with cedar forests. [1]

The Mediterranean Sea can be spotted on clear days.

Mediterranean Sea Sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean between Europe, Africa and Asia

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Mediterranean Basin and almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Southern Europe and Anatolia, on the south by North Africa and on the east by the Levant. Although the sea is sometimes considered a part of the Atlantic Ocean, it is usually referred to as a separate body of water. Geological evidence indicates that around 5.9 million years ago, the Mediterranean was cut off from the Atlantic and was partly or completely desiccated over a period of some 600,000 years before being refilled by the Zanclean flood about 5.3 million years ago.


Coordinates: 36°27′00″N04°08′00″E / 36.45000°N 4.13333°E / 36.45000; 4.13333

Geographic coordinate system Coordinate system

A geographic coordinate system is a coordinate system that enables every location on Earth to be specified by a set of numbers, letters or symbols. The coordinates are often chosen such that one of the numbers represents a vertical position and two or three of the numbers represent a horizontal position; alternatively, a geographic position may be expressed in a combined three-dimensional Cartesian vector. A common choice of coordinates is latitude, longitude and elevation. To specify a location on a plane requires a map projection.

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Djurdjura National Park

The national park of Djurdjura is one of the national parks of Algeria. It is located in Kabylie and is named after the Djurdjura Range of the Tell Atlas.

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El Kseur Place in Béjaïa, Algeria

El Kseur is a town in northern Algeria.

Tazmalt town in Béjaïa, Algeria

Tazmalt is a town in northern Algeria. It's about 85 km south west of Bejaia, 50 km at east of Bouira, 55 km south east of Tizi Ouzou, and 165 km south east of the capital Algiers. Tazmalt is the biggest city of Sahel-Djurdjura region, and the fourth in its own region which is called Kabylia, with a population of 25,000.

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Boukadir District District in Chlef Province, Algeria

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Aït Bouaddou Commune and town in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria

Aït Bouaddou, also called Ath Vouvaddou or Beni Bouaddou, is a commune in the Ouadhia District of Tizi Ouzou Province in the Kabylie region of Algeria.

Djouab Commune and town in Médéa Province, Algeria

Djouab is a town and commune in Médéa Province, Algeria. According to the 1998 census it has a population of 16,751. Djouab is located at 36°08′00″ n., 3°26′00″ e.

Aïn El Hammam Commune and town in Tizi Ouzou Province, Algeria

Aïn El Hammam is a town and commune in Tizi Ouzou Province in northern Algeria.

Boghni is a town and commune in Tizi Ouzou Province in northern Algeria.it is located in the south of tizi ouzou ,it is surrounded by Djurdjura mountain and surrounded by Maatekas,Beni Kouffi,Voughardane,Mechtras and other small communes.Boghni is known as the fourth most connected small village to Internet in the world.

Habibas Islands Islands of Algeria

The Habibas islands35°43′29″N1°8′00″W are located about 12 km off the Algerian coast, northwest of Oran. The islands consist of a principal island 1.3 km long surrounded by an archipelago covering a total area of about 40 ha. The highest point on the Habibas islands reaches 105 m. The islands are of volcanic origin.

University of Tizi Ouzou

The Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou is a university in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria.

Ait Ouabane

Ait Ouabane is a village in the Tizi Ouzou Province in Kabylie, Algeria.

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