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Tiktak in 2018
Background information
Also known asTik N' Tak
Origin Helsinki, Finland
Genres Pop, rock, pop punk
Years active1999–2007, 2018
Labels Universal Music
Past members
  • Petra Gargano
  • Mirjami "Mimmu" Hyvönen
  • Nea Mokkila
  • Noora Puhakka
  • Emilia "Emppu" Suhonen
  • Tuuli Taimi [1]

Tiktak, also known as Tik N' Tak, was a Finnish music group consisting of six musicians from northern Helsinki. The band was formed in Pohjois-Helsingin Bändikoulu (Northern Helsinki Band School) and signed to Universal Music in 1999, when the youngest members were 13. [2] Their debut album, Friends, included songs written by Maki Kolehmainen (of Aikakone) and was a huge hit in Finland, with unusually strong sales in the rest of Europe, especially Scandinavia.[ citation needed ] The band's music was a blend of rock and pop. Each of the girls played their own instruments with the exception of Petra who was the lead singer.


The band gained great domestic popularity. Their first two albums each sold about 100,000 copies. [3]

The band was also marketed in the United States where it was called Tik N' Tak. In 2000, they were on the Radio Disney tour and in early 2001 they opened for Aaron Carter. Friends was released on MCA Records. [4]

Guitarist and vocalist Emilia "Emppu" Suhonen is also the vocalist for Dame  [ fi ], whose first album, So Was It Worth Dying For, was released in June 2006.

Their fifth album Ympyrää features the title cut "Ympyrää", written by Los Angeles songwriter Gordon Pogoda.

The band decided to break up in 2007 with the last performance in December 2007.

In the summer of 2018, the band came back together and played on four festivals in Finland. [5]

Band members



LanguageTitleTranslated titleYear
FinnishJotain muutaSomething Else2001
  • Finnish
  • English
Jotain muuta... ja jotain uutta!Something Else... and Something New!2002
FinnishYmpyrääIn a Circle2003
Hei me soitetaan... oikeesti!Hey, We Play... Really!2004
Myrskyn edelläBefore the Storm2005
Sinkut 99–07Singles 99–072007


LanguageTitleTranslated titleYear
Finnish"Sekoitat mun maailman""You Confuse My World"1999
"Sydän lyö""The Heart Beats"2000
"Minne vaan""To Anywhere"
"Leijailen""I Glide"
English"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
"Don't Turn Back"
"Upside Down"
Finnish"Häiritsen sinua""I Disturb You"2001
"Jotain muuta""Something Else"2002
"Satuprinsessa""Fairytale Princess"
"Lähdetään tänään""Let's Leave Today"2003
"Tänä yönä taivaaseen""Tonight to Heaven"
"Tuuleksi taivaanrantaan""As Wind to the Horizon"2004
"Heilutaan""Let's Swing"
"Paha sana""Bad Word"
"Kuka vaan""Anybody"
"Miten onni korjataan""How to Fix the Happiness"2007
"Mutta mä rakastan sua""But I Love You"

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