Tilburg Ten Miles

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Tilburg Ten Miles
Datelate August or early September
Location Tilburg, Netherlands
Event type Road
Distance 10 mile (men's)
10K run (women's)
Primary sponsor CZ Groep
Course recordsMen:
Flag of Ethiopia.svg H Gebrselassie 44:24 (10 mile)

Flag of Israel.svg Lonah Chemtai 30:05 (10km)
Official site Tilburg Ten Miles

Tilburg Ten Miles is an annual road running competition held in Tilburg, Netherlands since 1988. Despite its name, it is a 10-mile (16 km) competition only for men, while the women's competition is nowadays held over 10 kilometres (6 mi). Since 2002 the competition has been held early September, previous editions were held in late May or early June. Since 2009, the race program has featured a 10K race for men, in addition to the primary 10-miler.



Key:  Course record

10-mile race

10KM race

Key:  Course record  Shorter distance (5-mile/8K)  Dutch national championship race

YearMen's winnerNationalityTime (h:m:s)Women's winnerNationalityTime (h:m:s)
1993 Tegla Loroupe Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 33:43
1994 Tegla Loroupe Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 33:49
1995 Joyce Chepchumba Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 26:06
1996 Tegla Loroupe Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 25:15
1997 Lornah Kiplagat Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 25:09
1998 Tegla Loroupe Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 32:03
1999 Tegla Loroupe Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 31:02
2000 Lornah Kiplagat Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 31:14
2001 Susan Chepkemei Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 31:52
2002 Susan Chepkemei Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 31:11
2003 Susan Chepkemei Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 32:10
2004 Lornah Kiplagat Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 30:59
2005 Edith Masai Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 31:37
2006 Nadia Ejjafini Flag of Bahrain.svg  Bahrain 32:16
2007 Belaynesh Fikadu Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 31:56
2008 Mestawet Tufa Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 31:48
2009 Peter Kamais Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 27:09 Mestawet Tufa Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 31:15
2010 Abera Kuma Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 27:52 Meselech Melkamu Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 31:33
2011 Khalid Choukoud Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 28:56 Joyce Chepkirui Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 30:38
2012Huub RegegeldFlag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 35:39 Gladys Cherono Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 30:57
2013Jean-Pierre HoeboerFlag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 34:25 Tirunesh Dibaba Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 30:30
2014Emile LuijbregtsFlag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 36:10 Betsy Saina Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 30:46
2015Peter-Paul DerksFlag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 35:13 Genet Yalew Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 30:58
2016Emile LuijbregtsFlag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 34:40 Alice Aprot Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 31:34
2017Nick van NieuwenhuizenFlag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 33:43 Senbere Teferi Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 30:38
2018Ilias OsmanFlag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 30:50 Agnes Tirop Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 30:50
2019Jelle TielemansFlag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium 34:46 Lonah Chemtai Flag of Israel.svg  Israel 30:05

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